Gratitude - Reflections from 2013

2013 was one crazy, awesome, eventful year and I want to share some things that I've learned and some of the things I'm most grateful for. 

My walk with Jesus - There is no way a blog post can share what God has done this year in regards to my walk with him. This year I'm most grateful that God has placed me in a small town where I have spent lots of mornings in the Word. I'm not 100% consistent but I can tell you that the moments I have spent with God have taught me a lot. I've learned that God can hold you together even when you emotions are going bonkers. I've also learned that my salvation is secure and eternal. My head has known that since I was a little girl but my heart doubted for so long. God has given me a peace about that this year and I'm so thankful. God also showed me more about the cross and what He did for me there. When I left for Korea and during my time there I prayed that God would teach me about the cross and what it means. God has answered that prayer. At my church this past summer and now fall every Old Testament Bible story comes with the question "How does this story picture the cross?" I had no idea so many stories were a foreshadowing of Jesus coming to earth. Jesus is just so great and I love Him! 

I married my best friend - Marrying Dave was God's biggest blessing to me this year. We have been through distance, losing Dave's Mom, helping me get through transition and depression, and lots of change. We have also had some wonderful trips, healing, prayer, laughter, and time to live peaceably in a small town. Marriage is a wonderful journey and I'm so thankful for Dave.  

Life is fleeting - This year I learned that you aren't guaranteed your next breath. If you are like me, you have probably heard that statement many times (and sometimes annoyed by it). This year that statement shook me to the core. When Dave's Mom passed away it hit me that we aren't guaranteed of tomorrow. Every day is a gift. Every day needs to be lived for Jesus. I also learned that death, for those who have Jesus, is a stepping stone. When I breathe my last breath on earth the next one will be in the presence of Jesus. 

Stuff is just stuff - I've learned that stuff isn't as important as we think it is. I had 1 full day to pack my bags home to move to Korea and guess what? I left a bunch behind and I don't miss it. I also saw lots of my mother-in-laws belongings get dispersed and although that was super duper hard it reminded me that this world isn't my home and I can't be defined by 'things'. 

blogging is awesome - I'm not sure everyone will understand my love for blogging but that's ok. I love being able to write down life and I love sharing it. I also love the community of women I have met through writing. Did I tell you that I met another blogger in OKC recently? She is one of the sweetest girls and I felt like we had been friends for a long time. We were both thankful that we were actually 'normal' and not a weird man. Also, blogging has given me a creative outlet while I live in small town Oklahoma. 

cookies - Yes, you read that correctly. In Korea, I had no oven, no chocolate chip cookies but man I made up for that this year. I even had chocolate chip cookies at my wedding. I just love them and they have made 2013 a bit better ;) 

What are you thankful for this year? Leave me a comment - I'd love to hear about your year. 

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  1. I am thankful for so many things!! This year though I learned how thankful I am for God's everlasting love. I see it in the love of my family (both immediate & in law family) and in the people we meet traveling. I'm thankful for Korea which has brought amazing opportunity & has revealed to me Gods love through people! I'm also of course thankful for a man who I truly believe God made for me. Anddddd blogging!! How cool is blogging? I feel like we have so much in common!

  2. You have so much to be grateful for! That's awesome. I am thankful for blogging! I just hope I get to meet all my blog friends in real life someday soon =)

  3. Great post :) I'm really glad we could meet! That was fun.

  4. Beka, I loved reading this post and it just made me warm inside to know that this year has been one of such growth, even amidst some huge challenges and even tragedies. You have a radiant spirit that shines through your words. I know that small town living can feel so... different, but you're also right: it gives us much time to reflect and get centered on what's really important. And also: cookies are the best! Thank you so much for participating in this linkup and many blessings to you this holiday season! :)