Dear 2013

Welcome to the 'Dear 2013' Link-up! I can't wait to read other friend's and blogger's year in review. As I wrote my year out I realized how blessed I am. I hope you will feel the same way as you reflect on your year too. Feel free to grab the button at the end of this blog and link it back to us. Thanks so much for joining in! 

Dear 2013 

Dear January, I spent my last full month in Korea intentionally with my kindys and dear friends. I knew time was running short and I soaked it up. We also visited ice sculptures during this month and about froze to death. I didn't believe one my kindys when she told me she couldn't use a squatty potty. "You are Korean", I said, "Go, in there and potty". Poor kid came out with wet pants. whoops =(

Dear February, You brought some of the highest and some of the lowest moments I've ever experienced. We said goodbye to my sweet mother-in-law and words won't ever describe that feeling. However, I'm thankful for the hope we have in Jesus. Our lowest moment of her leaving this earth was also her best moment as she saw Jesus. (I'm a bit jealous!). After some sad days I hopped on a plane and met two little boys who have filled my heart with love. E & Z you have brought joy to my heart and a whole new wonderful dimension to our family. Dave also surprised me a week before our wedding with a trip to Idaho with my bling bling ring!

Dear March, You are the month where I married my dearest and best friend. Although I was a nervous wreck after all the life changes it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I couldn't be happier. Dear snow - Did you really have to come in full blizzard fashion on my wedding day?

Dear Honeymoon - Puerto Rico was fun. I especially loved seeing some warm beaches and thanks for the mini car for the week. It was a scary fun trip. Dear Depression - You reared your ugly head on my honeymoon. Of all the times in life for you to happen that was when you came back - mean!

Dear April - You brought me to a little town where I had some serious small town culture shock. I spent many days praying, listening to sermons, skyping with my sister, unpacking and spending time with Dave being still in a small town. You were a good month of emotional healing for me. Dave and I also started traveling during this month - sand dunes, hiking and other various road trips.

Dear May - I got married to my best friend again surrounded by my closest friends on a white warm sandy beach. You rock, May! I also hopped in the ocean to trash my wedding dress and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Dear June - You had two bridal showers, camping, and summer fun. I don't remember tons about you so I'm guessing it was a calm month for me. I do remember this being the first month to feel completely recovered emotionally so that's a plus!

Dear July - You are the month that hosts my birthday! My husband offered for us to go to Idaho so I could see my family for my birthday. We also jumped out of rickety plane at 15,000 feet. I can't wait to do that again! We also spent some time white water rafting and hanging out with family. Oh yeah and I started back at Crossfit in July which meant I couldn't walk normal for a few weeks. You made me sore but I'm thankful that I started exercising again.

Dear August - You brought wedding season to a close. My sister-in-law was a beautiful bride and I'm thankful we got to be a part of her wedding. You also brought a cute little boy named Isaac into my life and his Mom is now one of my best friends in Woodward.

Dear September - A trip to the sand dunes and a 13,000 foot hike with Dave was a fun trip for us. You also sent Steph and Z for a visit to the Land of Oz. My work spouse also got married and it was fun to be in her wedding.

Dear October - You took me to New Mexico - the Land of Enchantment. A trip with Dave and my parents to see the hot air balloon festival, consume a massive amount of green chilis and see some dear friends was a blessing to my heart.

Dear November - The holidays came so fast! I loved having my first Thanksgiving with Dave. I also loved seeing Luke and my nephew again and I competed in a triathlon with my friend Alisha!

Dear December - The month we celebrate Jesus and his birth. I've been blessed to spend this month with my husband and our families (and Milo too!).

Dear Readers - Thanks for reading this little blog of mine! I'm floored by the support everyone has showed me during my blogging journey! Dear God - Thanks for another year! As I look back I can see your faithfulness and love guiding all the way! 
Sunshine to the Square Inch


  1. Oh my goodness! You did so many things this year! Crazy. Sounds like you had a lot of adventures... and a lot of wedding fun! :) I can't believe you trashed your dress. I kind of wanted to do that! I guess I still can...

  2. It was for sure a packed year! You should trash your dress. I think it would be fun to trash a dress in the country with paint =)

  3. What a full and fun year! I adore the dress you wore for your March-wedding, and I love the snowball fight picture!
    Depression is awful, I'm so sorry that it came along on your honeymoon. How rude! I had that happen to me on vacation, we were on Maui and I cried every day. But it seems that you came out of it and I'm so very happy for you!
    That was a fun link-up, thanks for hosting! All the best for 2014!!

  4. Whew, I got tired just reading about everything that you did this year! :) What a lot of excitement, changes, stress, and fun! I love your trash the dress picture!

  5. Thanks, Miriam! Would you believe my March wedding dress was actually a prom dress??? I didn't care either way I just thought it was pretty. Depression in Maui??? That's terrible too. I wonder why it happens at the most beautiful locations? EVIL!

  6. Thanks, Allison! After I wrote this post I realized it was waaaaaay too long but it was already written =-). It was a full year but a good one.

  7. I love how you broke this up by month. What a wonderful year you have had - congratulations on all your exciting life changes and accomplishments! Thanks for hosting. :)

  8. Thanks, Megan! I thought the 'month by month' was too long but that's just how it turned out ;)

  9. What a year! Here's to 2013 and cheers for 2014!