Christmas Cards oh how I love thee!

Christmas Cards! I just love Christmas cards? Who doesn't love them? I love getting them and I love sending them. This year I decided to hand craft all my cards. I had the time and thought it would be fun. I used washi tape, stickers, natural colors, teal, and silver. Overall I'm pleased with how they turned out.

I bought the majority of the supplies from Hobby Lobby at for 50% or 40% off. The washi tape came from cute tape. Some probably think I work for that washi tape company seeing how many times I've mentioned them on my blog. I don't though but I probably would love it if I did.

I always like to include a Bible verse in my card. I asked Dave for one and I added one as well.

Isaiah 9:2a – The people that walkead in darkness have seen a great light.

Matthew 1:21b -And thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sin. 

A picture of Dave and I was a must so I used pic monkey (it's free!) to edit a picture from our wedding. After I edited the photo I uploaded it to Instagram and printed it to Walgreens all right from my phone. Can I also just say that the Walgreen's photo service in Woodward was down for several days. When my pictures finally got printed they made a mistake and only charged me for 20 of them instead of 40. I told them but they still only charged me for 20. Holla! Nothing like a 1+1 (that's the Korean way of saying buy one get one free).

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Today I got home from traveling and there were a bunch of Christmas cards in the mail that Dave and I got over the weekend. I checked the mail again tonight and there were several more. Ah! It was great. Some people had their year in review and updates about their life. It was fun to see and read. 

Also, a couple of weeks ago I read a blog article by Katie about things to do with your Christmas cards. One of the things she suggested was to keep the cards in a basket and pull one or two out at dinner and pray for the people who sent you that card. If you sent Dave and I a Christmas card please know you will be prayed over during our dinner times in 2014. 

To everyone who sent Dave and I card - THANK YOU! Also - if you are my friend and normally get a Christmas card from me but don't have one yet - you will. And yes! You know what they will look like now =-) Merry Early Christmas...?

What about you? Do you love Christmas cards? Do you make your own? Do you collect them all? 


  1. love the idea of putting them in a basket & praying for different ones each day!!

  2. I love your card! And I absolutely love the idea of praying over them!