the thankful project day 20 : something about your significant other or best friend

Lucky for me my significant other also happens to be my best friend. Marrying this man is one of the best things that God has ever let happen to me. I'm thankful for Dave because he loves God and shows it in practical ways. He is patient with me, loves me unconditionally, serves others and is just all around awesome.

A few weeks ago Dave's aunts told me they have learned more about him from my blog than in the 29 years they have known him. I thought today would be a great day to share some fun facts about my husband. Who knows, maybe his aunts will learn something new. 

  • Dave is overall a healthy eater. 
  • His favorite food is a bacon cheeseburger. Don't ask how #1 and #2 go together. They don't.
  • Dave has more portion control when it comes to food than I do and yes, I can out eat him. 
  • Dave loves museums. 
  • Dave loves museums. 
  • Dave loves museums. Me? Well, I'm learning to love them. 
  • Dave also loves historical land markers. You know, the ones you see on the side of the road and think "why did the waste tax payers money for that?" Yep, Dave loves those and he can spot them from far far away. 
  • Dave loves hiking - more than anyone else I know. 
  • Dave researches and researches the local areas he lives in to find fun things to do. 
  • Dave loves to push the limits and go to the edge. See the picture below. 
  • Dave doesn't go as near to the edge anymore since 3/24/13 =) He now has a wife that stands far away, snapping pictures of him, while at the same time saying "Dave! You're married now. Be careful!" 

  • Dave's favorite Psalm is 139. Want to read it? Click here.
  • Dave preaches at his home church in Wichita and says it's good for him because it keeps him in the Word. 
  • Dave listens to Amy Grant. True story people! 
  • Dave owns more shoes than me! Gasp! 
  • Dave considered careers in the IT world as well as being a veterinarian but he decided to be a PA because it would allow him to help others more. 
  • Dave took a year off after college to do missions trips and to have some down time before he entered the work field. 
  • Dave currently is a PA for a prison. Yes, there are crazy stories. 
  • While I was in Korea Dave sent Alisha and I a daily 'VPOD' (verse and picture of the day). See example below. 

  • Dave works well with children but doesn't want children of his own for a looooooooong time. 
  • Dave is frugal with himself but super generous with me. 
  • Dave has to have the inside of his car spic and span clean all the time
  • Dave prefers summer over winter. 
  • The only time Dave has been in really bad bike wrecks was when he has biked with the slowest and prettiest biker in the world - me =)
  • Dave is disciplined and is consistent. 
  • One of the things that made me attracted to Dave was that he would decorate his Mom's house for the holidays. It wasn't just a few items either ya'll. Dave went up into the attic then down into the basement, got hundreds of decorations out and decorated the whole house. I knew I would love that in married life. =) 
  • Dave doesn't really like onions. I love them. We find a happy medium though. 
  • Dave can express his feelings with pen and paper. When we lived abroad we filled up about 4-6 journals. Dave wrote about his devotions, his love for me and funny things too - kind of like the VPOD. 
  • Dave likes to listen to oldies music - I just learned this yesterday. 

What do you love about your significant other? I think learning all about someone takes a lifetime and it's a lot of fun. 


  1. I wish my boyfriend kept his car spic and span....mostly because we share my car and he's the worst for leaving everything under the sun in it. sigh. I love that he drives me to work when I miss my bus though :) haha.

  2. this is such a sweet post :) i can definitely tell how much you love him just by hearing you talk about him & brag about him! :) i loved learning more about your husband & especially that he loves museums hahaha

  3. What a sweet post- I may just have to keep this idea tucked away-- it'd make a great Valentine's Day post :)

  4. doesn't like onions? get rid of him ;) joookes. this is so sweet! And thanks for linking up today!

  5. Haha! I can totally out eat Ryan, don't feel bad. ;) Love this!