The Thankful Project Day 2 : a role you've played

Today I'm beyond thankful that I got to play the role of teacher for a year to the most adorable Asian and Brazilian kids. I say role because let's be real now ... I'm not a certified teacher and it definitely was a role. A role I loved.

These children showed me a type of love I didn't know existed. After spending lots of time with them each day, they grew to become not just students but 'my kids'. I for sure miss them and as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I still tear up a bit knowing I won't ever see them again. However, I'm thankful for the time I had and it will always be a sweet memory.


  1. You're going to crack up when you read mine! What a blessing those kids were. I prepared my post last night, picture and everything! Love you, friend.

  2. adorable!! i lovelovelove their little feather headbands.

    i also love how you mentioned the love you didn't know existed. so so true. honestly, i don't really like it when we call little kids 'the least of these'. in so many ways they teach us and love us more than any big important people ever could. they are the real gems of life.