the thankful project day 14 : a blessing

Just a blessing? Ever heard of that hymn 'count your many blessings name them one by one'? That's what I'm gonna do. 

Spiritual Blessings
  • Jesus - that He is Lord. Lord over big things and Lord over small things
  • Blessed to have salvation that is eternally secure
  • Blessed to have answered prayer
  • Blessed to be married to my best friend
  • Blessed to have a husband who loves God
  • Blessed to have a husband who I can laugh with
  • Blessed to marry into Dave's family - It's fun having two families now
  • Blessed to get along with my parents and siblings
  • Blessed to have two cute nephews
  • Blessed to have attended a church in Korea that represented 23 nations but were bonded together because of Christ
  • Blessed to have had a church to attend no matter where I lived 
  • Blessed to have friends that have stayed by my side through good and bad
  • Blessed to have friends in Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Burma, and other various places
  • Blessed to have friends that can make me laugh until I cry
  • Blessed to have my naughty cat Milo who loves to eat tape
  • Blessed to have a nice dog who is good company during the day and also funny 
Your turn
  • What are your blessings? 

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