Apple Cider

Hi friends! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I'm beyond ready. I can't wait to be around family and to eat some delicious food.

Today I'm sharing a quick and easy apple cider recipe. It's perfect for the holidays, for hosting parties or for a warm drink on a cold winter day.

When Dave and I were setting up our wedding registry I knew something I wanted was a juicer. I have a compact Breville Juicer that I use for fresh apple juice. However you certainly do not have to use a juicer for this recipe. Any organic and natural apple juice will do just fine. 

  • 6-8 apples (4c. apple juice)
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon or a cinnamon stick
  • 1/4 c. orange juice
  • 1 Tbsp. honey
  • Juice 6-8 apples. 
  • Pour the juice into a pan
  • Add the cinnamon, orange juice, honey and put it on medium-low heat for about 15-20 minutes. 

That's it! It is simple, healthy and tastes amazing. What's your favorite apple cider recipe?


Sandia Peak Tramway and Green Chilis

Remember back in October when I told how I literally jumped up and down because of The Hot Air Balloon Festival? That was by far my favorite activity in Albuquerque but there were some more things we did as well. The other big event we did was taking a ride on the Sandia Peak Tramway

The Sandia Peak Tramway is the longest tramway in the world. It takes passengers 4,000 feet into the Sandia Mountains in about 15 minutes. The cars can fit 50 people up to 10,000 lb. (Do 50 people weigh 10,000lb? I have no clue). Anyways, that's a lot of people and it reminded me a bit of Asia being crammed in there with everyone. Honestly, I didn't take tons of pictures on the way up. Sometimes things are just too pretty and I made myself set my camera down and soak it all in. The train carries you up at about 13 mph which gives you enough time to see all the beauty. The guide tells you different kinds of stories including a plane crash that happened there (before the tramway).
The views up top are phenomenal. They say you can see up to 100 miles out. This next picture was taken from the top. The cables you see is the first leg of the journey going down. If you look closely you can see a little building that the cables and tram go over and that takes you down the second part of the mountain. 
I loved going up the Sandia Mountains but I loved it more because I got to experience that with my husband and parents. It was also neat to see my Dad in this area as Albuquerque is his home town and he has fond memories from this place.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about something that is super duper crazy delicious - Hatch Green Chilis.

I can't believe I haven't told you all about them because 1. they are just so tasty and 2. I'm crazy about them. Anyone else out there love spicy food? My Dad, being from ABQ, introduced me to them. I never really cared for the 'spicy' hatch green chilis until I moved to Korea and I grew a love for 'everything has to be spicy'. Hatch green chilis are local to New Mexico and have a unique flavor. Be advised though - they can be super spicy and addictive. However, the spice comes with a unique flavor.

New Mexicans are serious about their chilis too. When I was visiting I read an article saying how they are spelled chili. Not chile or chilies but chili. Well, excuse me New Mexico! I also saw a long line of people standing outside a grocery store and thought 'What the Heck are all those people doing?' and then I realized there were fresh green chilis being roasted and they wanted to grab 'em before they were gone. Here is what the Huffington Post had to say about them.

Hatch Green Chilis are in season mainly in September and guess what guys? My little town of Woodward had them. I bought me a massive amount of those, roasted them in my oven, peeled them and put them in just about every dish. I think Dave had his fill of green chilis but I'd eat them every day if I could. In New Mexico they have a green chili 'gravy' that they slather on just about everything you can think of and holy guacamole it's so good! Many grocery stores now carry canned Hatch green chilis. You should buy some!

Now that I've written about green chilis I'm gonna have to eat some! nom nom. How about you? Do you like spicy food? Do you hate it? Would you ride the tramway?


The Gift of Friendship

I'm totally cheating with the gratitude project because today's prompt is about expectations but I'm not writing about that. I'm writing about my friends.

This weekend I'm heading to OKC for a weekend packed with girl time. First off, I'll be meeting Amanda who blogs over at The Lady Okie. We both have so much in common (our faith, running, we both moved to OK because of our husbands) and I'm stoked to meet up with her. After that two of my best friends and my sister will be coming to OKC for a weekend filled with shopping, Indian Food, Cheesecake Factory (those don't sound good written next to each other, huh?) and lots of laughter.

I think know good friends are a God given gift. I'm blessed to have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I'm blessed to have friends who live near and I'm blessed to have friends who live all over the globe. I love that I have friends globally but a piece of my heart is sad because I don't get to see them hardly ever. Yes, I'm thankful for Skype, Facebook, e-mail and every other technological thing we have to keep in touch but nothing beats a face to face hang out time.

I was thinking about friendships and about what God has to say about them and I thought I'd share. I'm sure you have heard most of this before but it's a good reminder.

The Be's a Good Friend

  • Be Friendly - Reach out to people, say hi, be genuine and find out how they really are. Invest in people! I know it's a simple thing 'be friendly' but sometimes I forget to do that. 
Proverbs 18:24– A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly. 

  • Be Sharp - To be a good friend you have to be willing to tell the truth even when it's tough. If you are a good friend you'll receive this truth and it will be a good round about circle. You know how iron sharpens a knife? It's like that.  
Proverbs 27:17 - Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

  • Be Loyal - I can't say this one enough! Loyalty is so important. Be loyal to your friends through their best of days and their worst of days. I have friends that have consistently shared truth with me and loved me when I was far away from God and not living right. Their consistent love made a huge difference. I'm glad they stood by me instead of up and running, which trust me, would have been way way easier. 
Proverbs 17:17– A friend loves at all times. 

  • Be God's Friend - Did you know God called Abraham his friend? I think we can be called that too. Lately I've been slacking on spending enough time in prayer and in the Word. When I started thinking about friendship for this blog post it came to my mind 'if Jesus were to talk to someone about me being his friend what would he say?' I talk about him a lot but I sure don't talk to him enough. How weird would that be if I was like "Hey, this girl says she is my friend. She talks about me all the time but doesn't talk to me much". I think that thought was a prompting from the Holy Spirit. God really does desire a friendship with us. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother
Proverbs 18:24b– There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. 

I hope we are all encouraged to be a good friend. It's something we can always improve on. Do you have good friends? Are you a good friend? 


the thankful project day 20 : something about your significant other or best friend

Lucky for me my significant other also happens to be my best friend. Marrying this man is one of the best things that God has ever let happen to me. I'm thankful for Dave because he loves God and shows it in practical ways. He is patient with me, loves me unconditionally, serves others and is just all around awesome.

A few weeks ago Dave's aunts told me they have learned more about him from my blog than in the 29 years they have known him. I thought today would be a great day to share some fun facts about my husband. Who knows, maybe his aunts will learn something new. 

  • Dave is overall a healthy eater. 
  • His favorite food is a bacon cheeseburger. Don't ask how #1 and #2 go together. They don't.
  • Dave has more portion control when it comes to food than I do and yes, I can out eat him. 
  • Dave loves museums. 
  • Dave loves museums. 
  • Dave loves museums. Me? Well, I'm learning to love them. 
  • Dave also loves historical land markers. You know, the ones you see on the side of the road and think "why did the waste tax payers money for that?" Yep, Dave loves those and he can spot them from far far away. 
  • Dave loves hiking - more than anyone else I know. 
  • Dave researches and researches the local areas he lives in to find fun things to do. 
  • Dave loves to push the limits and go to the edge. See the picture below. 
  • Dave doesn't go as near to the edge anymore since 3/24/13 =) He now has a wife that stands far away, snapping pictures of him, while at the same time saying "Dave! You're married now. Be careful!" 

  • Dave's favorite Psalm is 139. Want to read it? Click here.
  • Dave preaches at his home church in Wichita and says it's good for him because it keeps him in the Word. 
  • Dave listens to Amy Grant. True story people! 
  • Dave owns more shoes than me! Gasp! 
  • Dave considered careers in the IT world as well as being a veterinarian but he decided to be a PA because it would allow him to help others more. 
  • Dave took a year off after college to do missions trips and to have some down time before he entered the work field. 
  • Dave currently is a PA for a prison. Yes, there are crazy stories. 
  • While I was in Korea Dave sent Alisha and I a daily 'VPOD' (verse and picture of the day). See example below. 

  • Dave works well with children but doesn't want children of his own for a looooooooong time. 
  • Dave is frugal with himself but super generous with me. 
  • Dave has to have the inside of his car spic and span clean all the time
  • Dave prefers summer over winter. 
  • The only time Dave has been in really bad bike wrecks was when he has biked with the slowest and prettiest biker in the world - me =)
  • Dave is disciplined and is consistent. 
  • One of the things that made me attracted to Dave was that he would decorate his Mom's house for the holidays. It wasn't just a few items either ya'll. Dave went up into the attic then down into the basement, got hundreds of decorations out and decorated the whole house. I knew I would love that in married life. =) 
  • Dave doesn't really like onions. I love them. We find a happy medium though. 
  • Dave can express his feelings with pen and paper. When we lived abroad we filled up about 4-6 journals. Dave wrote about his devotions, his love for me and funny things too - kind of like the VPOD. 
  • Dave likes to listen to oldies music - I just learned this yesterday. 

What do you love about your significant other? I think learning all about someone takes a lifetime and it's a lot of fun. 


how my blog name came about + a thank you giveaway

Today I’m going to take you on a little journey of how my blog name came about. When you read my blog name you might just think I stole a quote from Walt Whitman because I liked it. Well, now that I think about it that might be partially true but there’s a lot more to the story.

See, I wasn’t born in America. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to American parents, who were missionaries. My grandparents and other family members weren’t in Brazil when I was born and to meet me they had to buy a plane ticket and travel a long way. When my granny came to meet me, my crib was solid wood with a heart cut out of it. She said the first time she met me I peeked through the heart and gave her a huge smile. She replied with ‘you're my sunshine girl’. When I moved home to America my granny and I spent lots of time together and she always would tell me that I was her sunshine girl. Even now, she still tells me that I'm her sunshine girl and I love it! I don’t remember this, but my Dad told me my grandpa would pull me around in a little wagon while telling me I was his sunshine girl too. Later in life my Mom got in on this too. She bought me a magnet and a computer bag that had the ‘Sunshine to the Square Inch’ quote on it.

Also (and I don’t say any of this in a bragging way) God has given me a huge extra dose of energy and I have to share it! I love love love brightening people’s day by visiting with them, sending cards, care packages, e-mail etc. The extra dose of energy can be good and really bad depending on how I channel that energy. Either way though I see it as a gift that I have to share with others.

On a spiritual level though, I picked my blog name because I want to share 'The Son' to the square inch. I really want my life in every way, including my blog, to be a reflection of Jesus. I have a deep desire to encourage missionaries, a deep desire to go to the mission field someday and serve, a deep desire to share about Jesus and His love for us and a desire to encourage people wherever I’m at. I've had opportunities right here in Oklahoma to serve that I never dreamt about. I can honestly say that giving to others has in turned blessed me more.  

I also know that no matter how my lovely blog name came about without readers it wouldn't exist. I've recently put some work into promoting this blog and I've seen some growth. In honor of that growth I'm hosting a thank you giveaway. To everyone who follows my blog, has read a post here and there this giveaway is for you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for supporting me on this journey.  

I'll be giving away a Christmas chevron canvas as well as 3 Christmas cards all made by me. The canvas measures is 11x14, can be hung or set an on easel and comes with some special stickers that you can attach a photo to the canvas. Along with the canvas I'll be giving away 3 Christmas cards. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be verified and will have 48 hours to respond. If no response is received I will pick a new winner. This giveaway is open internationally. 

Bell Bliss

Missionary Profile - Zama and Pam in Myanmar / Burma

A big warm welcome to Pam and her family for being on Sunshine to the Square Inch. I've known Pam since I was in elementary school. The ministry in Myanmar / Burma holds a special place in my heart because my husband and mother-in-law have taken medical missions trips and served with Pam and her family over there. I loved reading about what God is doing over there and I'm sure you will too.

Name: Pam Lindsted - no last name change after marriage because Myanmar people have no last name
Location Serving: Myanmar (Burma)
How long have you been there? I started coming on short term mission trips in May of 2000 but moved here full time in June of 2005
How did God call and lead you to the country you are in? Actually, I wasn't interested in coming here at first. I only came because my dad had been here first and helped to start an orphanage. He promised the workers that he would send me over to help develop a school within the orphanage. My first reaction that he was sending me there was, "Burma, who wants to go there? That's the armpit of the world!" I was interested in Russia. I had lived there previously for almost 2 yrs and loved it. I wanted desperately to go back but my visas were denied over and over....so, I went to Burma. I loved the kids but hated the climate!!! I love Russian cold winters not hot, sweltery year round summers!!!! I didn't plan to go back but I kept going back every time there was a break from school. I just fell in love with the people. Finally, I realized that everything that The Lord had put in front of me in my life had been preparing me for just what would be appropriate for the work in Burma. I told my parents that I felt like I was created just for this purpose. I haven't looked back since. I love being here and getting to do what I get to do....I still don't like the heat though and would love to go for a couple weeks to Russia for a visit!!!! Someday I hope!!!

What specific ministry are you involved in? My husband and I have started a school for the lower middle class Burmese children in Yangon. We have approximately 87% Buddhist students of our 250 students in Nursery-7 th grade. We add one grade each year and hope to go right through high school! We also are involved in a Sunday school work in our neighborhood on Sunday mornings.
Do you serve with other missionaries? Nope, we're all alone. But we now have a staff of 40 local Believers working for us at the school!
What does a typical day look like? A typical school day. Students start arriving around 7:30 in the backs of pickup trucks. School is from 8:30-3:30 and teachers stay till 4 and later. Wednesday after school we have teachers prayer and Bible study. Thursdays are especially busy for me because I teach a teacher training class from 12:30-3 along with my regular history classes. We also have always had people living with us so once school is out its busy helping with homework of our extra kiddos and cooking dinner for our family and often up to 5-6 others.
What do you most enjoy about your work? Being around the people. I especially love working with the teachers who are training for a classroom of their own. They have a genuine love for learning new things. I love to see their excitement. I love people and I love God's Word and I'm thrilled to be involved with both of those things all day everyday!
Tell me about raising children in a different culture. Advantages? Disadvantages? Whew, I don't know if I'm an expert on this since my kids are still young. I don't know how they'll turn out yet. There are a few things that we try to be strict though. One, we try not to let our kids be treated differently than other kids outside of our home. This is a challenge since people want to treat them special but I really don't like it! Especially at school...I want no special treatment because they are the only foreigners or the principals kids. Another thing is, we have a house helper to help around the house but I do not let her clean any of the kids toys....I want them to learn responsibility of cleaning their room doing their chores etc... Another thing we've found because daddy has one culture and mommy has another is that in our home we've created our own culture. We have a little of America and a little Burmese.....it's unlike any place on earth. Our kids are really 3 culture kids but don't know any different so it's okay. We've found what is extremely difficult is as the kids get older it is harder and harder for them to come back from the States. They enjoy their cousins there, there are so many things to do there...fresh air, wide open places for playing, playgrounds, parks etc... None of the things we have here. Both of our children say that as soon as they grow up they want to live where their cousins live. Of course, since the kids speak Burmese we pray that they will stay here and help in the work once they are older.
Tell us something about the people of your country? They are very simple people who have been shut off from the rest of the world for so long. In many ways, this gives a sense of innocence but that is swiftly changing because now that things are opened up they are swallowing everything from the "West"....good and bad!!!! I love their sincere smiles and their curiosity about life that they have only EXISTED in for so long....not really LIVED!
What is your favorite food to eat from the country you are living in? I like something called San Pew. It's kind of like a chicken and rice soup. San means rice and pew is soft. We eat rice everyday..usually twice a day and then I cook American food once a day.
Can you tell us something interesting about the culture? Everything.....there is not much similar to the American culture. I just am surprised everyday even after being here for so long at something unusual that I see. I think one of the hardest things to understand is the way that Buddhism is in every tiniest aspect of life. For example, even the position your bed is in has to be according to the stars. They are terrified of so many things because of spirits and ghosts etc. They are in such spiritual bondage. It still surprises me constantly.
What is the main religion there? Buddhism
How do people respond to the gospel? That's a tricky question. Burma is not a place that street preaching would be very effective since most people here have NOOO biblical knowledge of Jesus Christ! There is nothing Judeo-Christian about the culture so it is tougher than even when I lived in Russia. There, even though communism ruled for so long they still celebrated Christmas and Easter and had orthodox religion that taught about Christ. Here, Christmas has only become something to celebrate since I've lived here and to most, it means Santa Claus. With these things being said, I believe that it takes the Gospel a long time to penetrate. I also believe it takes a testimony of Biblical teaching being lived out. Long-term investment is the way to go. Many Buddhist here now say they believe in Jesus once they spend time with missionaries. I believe this is true! They do believe Jesus! They believe he was a good man and respect him because of his teachings of love and peace....very similar to what they like in Buddhism. The problem is, they add Jesus to all their little Buddha statues. They don't believe Him the way He asked to be believed in...."I am THE way, THE Truth and THE life." Not a way, a truth and a life. This is very hard to convey since there is no equivalent word for The word,"THE" in Burmese! So, when you meet people and they know you're a Christian they will tell you they believe in Jesus. I always have to ask WHAT they believe about Him. We enjoy the work at school because we have the opportunity to work with the same people 180 days a year/8 hrs a day for 15 yrs. They hear it, see it and know it so well and we teach all subjects from a Biblical world view soooo they also begin to think it. This is the most effective means of evangelism in a Buddhist culture!!! We are excited to say that most of our students receive The Lord around 3rd grade! This thrills us because it makes sense after 5 yrs at school they are ready. They truly believe. We feel the thirds grade year is important and the curriculum we use also really promotes the Gospel in third grade. One of the most effective things is the final reading book they read at the end of the year, "Pilgrim's Progress". After they read it we also show the movie. We have seen many of the kids come to know The Lord through this!!! Very exciting to see them saved before they reach their teen years.
Please tell me of someone whose life was impacted with the gospel and the change you saw in their life or is there something specific that God has done for you that you would like to share. There are many kids that we see changes in their lives and we see them stand up and share with their parents. This is when the problem develops, the parents don't like the decision that the kids have made. Some still force their children to go into monk for a month every year!How can we pray for you personally as well as the ministry you are in? We ask for prayer for health since we live in a place that there isn't anywhere to go for good health care. If we have something wrong we need to fly to Thailand. It's only a 45 min flight but there are only a few flights a day and then is the hassle of getting a new Myanmar visa before we can come back home. Since we work around little kids it seems that there is always some kinds of sickness traveling around. It is a constant fight with dengue during rainy season. The other thing we constantly pray about is for our family. It is important for Zama and I to keep a strong marriage and for our kids to grow up well disciplined as a testimony for the parents of our school. Another thing we ask prayer about is that we could find a property for school. Right now, we have all the students in 2 two-story houses. We are very crowded!!! We are praying for a place that we can grow all the way to 12th grade but because Myanmar is opening up and many sanctions have been lifted, westerners are coming in. This has caused rent prices to more than triple. To buy a property now days is out of reach even if you go 10 miles outside of the city, an acre of land will be more than a million dollars. Our rent prices now are higher than Tokyo. This is an ongoing adjustment for our family and the school.
How can people encourage you? I think the hardest thing about being here is being away from family and friends. We also have no church family here...only a Sunday school. Although things are much easier now compared to when I first moved here since we have internet in our home now I still miss people. I so appreciate FB and emails and skype. It has made being so far away much easier. I love getting any kind of correspondence from home. I also appreciate when I know people are praying for us. We are in a place surrounded by idolatry and sometimes I feel the weight of oppression. When we know people are lifting us up it really makes a difference to get through different situations.
What ministry spots need filled on your team? So many!!! We can't offer a business visa as yet so foreigners can only come and help us on a tourist visa(28 days). But, I would love to have teachers come and just help train our present teachers. As we are getting up into middle school I want to see subjects like art, music, PE and science really develop. These subjects are hard to train how to teach because the locals that we have teaching don't have much experience we these things themselves. The education system here has always been purely rote memory. It is very difficult for me to break my teachers away from this style but if teachers from the states come and model good, creative hands-on learning it is very beneficial.
What do you most miss from home? The Chapel (spiritual bonding and teaching with fellow believers), Family, close friends (seems very un-Asian to be close with anyone), Christian radio and music (our internet is too slow to stream any radio), Walmart, Mexican food, Dr Pepper and 4 beautiful and different seasons (specifically cold weather).
What would you like to receive from home? Anything!!! Mail can't get thru to us though so we only get treats when they're hand delivered. I guess I should say that what we like most is GUESTS!!!!!!
How can people stay updated on your ministry? The best way is through Milk and Honey newsletters and FB. We haven't said too much elsewhere because things are still so restricted.

I don't know about you but I loved reading and learning about what God is doing over in Myanmar. I'm also a bit humbled that they are so grateful for everything and don't get mail aka care packages! Those were my saving grace in Korea and I never realized that people went without them. Also, please keep Pam and her family in your prayers. I know she mentioned some things to pray for but Zama and Pam are needing some extra prayer for health. Pam is recovering from a surgery and their son, is ok, but fractured his wrist. I know they could use some time being lifted up to God in prayer. If you would like to send Pam and her family a word of encouragement please feel free to leave a comment or to e-mail me at sunshine2thesquareinch{at}gmail{dot}com


the thankful project day 15 : an annoyance

When you hear the word 'ring' what comes to mind? Christmas bells? A siren? What about a ringing in your ear? You know, the ones you occasionally get that can drive you bonkers? Would you believe it if I told you I have a ringing in my ear 24/7? It's true! My ear, left to be exact, rings non stop since I was 16. It really isn't as terrible as it sounds (pun completely intended).

When I was in highschool my sister always dyed my hair. We'd lather on the dye and then bend over a bathtub to rinse it all out. Well, one time after we rinsed the dye out I noticed my ear started ringing. I thought I probably just got some water in it and it would go away soon but ... it didn't. I then started feeling sick. Like really really sick. I couldn't stand, sit, walk, move or do anything without barfing to the moon and back. Sounds fun right? After a few days when I could at least move without upchucking everywhere I went to the doctor. I was still feeling dizzy (couldn't walk or drive) and couldn't hear very well from my left ear. They gave me some prescriptions to fill and told me to go see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I couldn't drive so my brother took me to get my prescriptions filled. I thought the pharmacist was a complete jerk because he kept asking "What's your name, hun?" After about the 3rd time of him trying to swoon me over by asking my name I basically yelled out REBEKAH BROWN! Then my brother stepped in and said "um, her date of birth is July, xx, 198x" ha! Apparently some hearing was gone =).

Well, I saw the ENT Doctor and basically he told me a virus got hungry and instead of giving me strep throat, or some other sickness it just decided to go eat the nerve in my ear as well as kill my equilibrium for a while. I lost 42% of my hearing in my left ear and I was stuck with a permanent riiiiiing. They told me that depression medication stops ringing but depression runs in my family so I declined that option as I didn't want to mess my system up. They also told me I could have surgery but the success rate was very low and if it didn't work I'd be completely deaf ... um, no thanks!

From day one I just learned to take it for what it was and live with it. I honestly didn't think it was that bad because if I had to lose something it might as well be hearing. To me it is better than losing an eye, an arm, etc. A hearing aid crossed my mind but I didn't really want to be 16 and wearing one. However, in my early 20's my Mom told me to go back to the ENT, to pick the best hearing aid they had and that she would pay for it. I told her no way, but you know how Moms are - you don't really cross them. So, I went. I had another hearing test, worked with the best audiologist and got a hearing aid.

The hearing aid I got is the one on the far right. When I first got my hearing aid, it took my brain a while to process sound again but once I adjusted, holy cow! I realized that I had been missing on 'hearing' all this time. I could actually hear what was happening on the left side of my world. =). My hearing aid is top notch. First off, it connects to a computer and they can adjust the sound to what I want / need. Secondly, after I wore it for a while, they hooked it back up to a computer and could tell what type of noise environments I had been in and adjusted it so it could drown out background noise and pick up conversations better. It also goes into my ear canal and that wire wraps in my ear so you can't really see it. The only down side for me is that moisture builds up in my ear and makes it itch. However, I have ear drops for those and not everyone has that issue. 

I even wore my hearing aid to my wedding. You can see the wire if you look closely but the rest isn't visible. 

Why am I posting a ringing in my ear and hearing loss as a blessing? Because I'm thankful it was only 42% hearing loss in one ear. I'm thankful for the 58% of hearing I do have! My brain, for the most part, ignores the ringing (unless I think about it which I am right now). I've learned to laugh at it. I have a hard time telling where sounds come from and when you are with family and there is an airplane flying above on the right and I turn left ... well it just gets a bit entertaining. Lastly, unless medical science restores my hearing, the first time I'll hear 100% again is when Jesus comes back or when I get to heaven. I can't imagine anything better than hearing my Savior's voice with complete hearing. I think that's pretty cool. 

I'm also posting this because I know of several people who have said "Can you please talk to so and so about your hearing aid because they can't hear and are missing out". I've had multiple people ask me that. So, if you have hearing loss - go get yourself a lovely hearing aid! It doesn't make you old. It doesn't make you weird. It can pretty much be hidden and guess what? You'll get to hear again. You will hear your grand babies, your spouses, nature and so much more. If I'm 28 and have one I think anyone can have one. They even have fun colors and zebra patterns for kids. Yes, it costs a couple thousand dollars for a top notch one. However, that comes with a couple years warranty, unlimited batteries, unlimited visits to you audiologist to get it tweaked as needed and most importantly it comes with the gift of hearing. 

Anyone else have hearing loss? Do you know of anyone that has hearing loss? If needed, please feel free to put them in touch with me. Deciding to get tested for hearing and agreeing to a hearing aid is a big and sometimes tough decision. I'd be happy to share my experience and give them some direction as to where to start with the hearing aid process. 


the thankful project day 14 : a blessing

Just a blessing? Ever heard of that hymn 'count your many blessings name them one by one'? That's what I'm gonna do. 

Spiritual Blessings
  • Jesus - that He is Lord. Lord over big things and Lord over small things
  • Blessed to have salvation that is eternally secure
  • Blessed to have answered prayer
  • Blessed to be married to my best friend
  • Blessed to have a husband who loves God
  • Blessed to have a husband who I can laugh with
  • Blessed to marry into Dave's family - It's fun having two families now
  • Blessed to get along with my parents and siblings
  • Blessed to have two cute nephews
  • Blessed to have attended a church in Korea that represented 23 nations but were bonded together because of Christ
  • Blessed to have had a church to attend no matter where I lived 
  • Blessed to have friends that have stayed by my side through good and bad
  • Blessed to have friends in Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Burma, and other various places
  • Blessed to have friends that can make me laugh until I cry
  • Blessed to have my naughty cat Milo who loves to eat tape
  • Blessed to have a nice dog who is good company during the day and also funny 
Your turn
  • What are your blessings?