yipee a new blog design

Hello lovely blog readers. If you looked at my blog and wondered if something changed, you are very right! Welcome to my new blog design. I'm hoping to use this new design to grow my blog and share more things that I am passionate about with all of you.

Amanda who blogs over at Living in Another Language designed my blog and did such a fantastic job. If you are looking for a new design head right on over to her website - The Suitcase Designs and check out her work.

What do you think of the new design? Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I'm so appreciative of the readers who take the time to read what I say.


  1. It looks so good! I really love the header! Do you have a new button? Your other one stopped working on mine for some reason so I took it down. But if you have an updated one I want to put it back up! :)