Snail Mail Collective from England

I got back from Albuquerque today to find my snail mail collective package all the way from England sitting in my mail box. I was super duper excited about it!!! I didn't even wait to get inside I ripped that packaged right open! 

Before I share about the goodies I have want to give a big shout out to my snail mail partner, Laura Johnson. We are not related but thought sharing the same last name was fun. She is one of the sweetes girls I've met via blog world and I loved e-mailing her and learning about her culture and about her life. You can check out her fun blog here

Now onto the fun snail mail. For starters, check out the fun stamps they have over in England. That alone made me elated. 

Inside was a cute owl journal, kitty cat sticky notes, gel pens, stickers and a postcard with a sweet note written on it. 

meow! meow! How fun are these? 
Thanks so much Laura Jo, brightened my day.

Want to participate in the Snail Mail Collective? It's fun and did I mention it's free??? You sign up each month so there is no commitment. For more information click on the link above.

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