Lately #15

I haven't written a 'lately' post in what feels like forever so I thought I would today.  

First off, Dave's birthday is this Saturday. He will turn the big 29. A few weeks ago he was cracking himself up photo bombing pictures with grumpy cat so I made a few of my own to print off. They will be appearing at his birthday party. 

You guys, me pets are real special. My cat is ridiculously fat. I mean just look at his picture. He is even on a diet and I just can't get him to drop any weight. He is pretty cute though =). Don't you love's Static shamed face in this picture? If she could talk she would say 'please don't post my booties of shame picture to the blog world. pleeeaaase?' We bought here these to take when we go hiking because when we took her hiking this past summer her paws got a wee bit scorched. It was sad you guys, really sad and we felt like the worst dog owners in the world. However, these will be grand and after she starts having funs he won't even notice she is wearing them. 
I'm trying to do the 'no-poo' thing again. By 'no-poo' I mean no shampoo not the other way around. I tried not using shampoo this past summer but with doing crossfit outside and swimming it just wasn't happening. It isn't as gross as it sounds, I promise. If you want to read more about 'no-poo' click right here. Anyways, My good friend Shenel gave me this dry shampoo to help me during my no-poo transition. It's freaking amazing. If you use dry shampoo I highly recommend to buy this one.

I'm making Christmas cards already. This fall weather has inspired me to CRAFT! (I think every season inspires me to craft...) The cooler weather makes me think that Christmas is just around the corner (because it is...yay!) and I'm trying to make cards for people this year. I don't want to be making 50 cards on one day so I'm plugging away on it now.
Do you like homemade granola? A fellow blogger friend kept talking about her homemade granola and she posted her recipe. If you want to check out the recipe you can find it here. I changed a couple of things in mine: I added more coconut oil, left out the vegetable oil, added coconut flakes and some brown sugar. I've been eating it just about every day because it's just that good. 
Lastly, you gotta hear the story of this key board. I volunteer once a week at the senior center here in Woodward. They have a sing-a-long time and I join them. There is a sweet 93 year old man named Jerry that attends. Let me just tell you a bit about Jerry. First off, he loves Jesus. He talks about the Bible, the years he lived in Africa doing mission work and when he talks about people who don't know Jesus he gets tears in his eyes. He is also an American hero. One day he was telling me how he got drafted into the war. I said 'oh, you must have fought in the Korean war'. He chuckled and said 'oh no, I fought in WWII'. I was shocked and told him he definitely was old =-). 

Jerry brings me a gift of some sort just about every week. Usually it is a song he loves, a poem or a short story. A few weeks ago he asked if I had a piano at home. I told him I didn't because I didn't have room. 'Well what about a keyboard?', he asked. I told him I never really thought about that. He then told me he wanted to get me a keyboard. I told him that wasn't necessary and you know how old people can just do what they want because they are old? Well, he just put his hand up implying I should be quiet and then told me he was going to get me a keyboard. Of course this was all in a kind Jerry way, not rude at all. The next week he had my keyboard. He even insisted on unloading it out of his car and putting it in mine. Humbled doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. It was completely overwhelming.  

That keyboard means more to me than just a keyboard. It shows me that even at 93 you can be used by God. Someone told me that every day Jerry just gets up and does what God tells him to do. It shows me that if a 93 year old man is serving God then we should be too. It also shows me that God cares about developing the talents He has given us. I've had a passion for piano since I was a little kid. Every where I go God seems to put a piano or a keyboard where I can access it to practice and play for others. It reminds me that God loves me and that He really cares about our passions. 
I'd love to hear what you have been up to lately, I say that on every post but I really do mean it. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. I hope everyone is doing wonderful.  

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  1. Aww I love this post! Filled with so many precious things. :) Love it.

  2. I love this post! I have to try that granola! I eat granola every day and every time I buy it in the store I think, I could make this myself! And what a beautiful story of the keyboard! There is still so much good in this world and I love hearing about it! Thank you so much for sharing that story!

    Oh boy I've been up to too much lately! I'm exhausted.....in a good way though:)

  3. Love the story about the keyboard! Such a blessing Jerry must be to so many people.

    Oh, and you've reminded me to go home and make some granola. Mmmmm, perfect autumn evening activity.