fall goals and upcoming blog posts

October is here.

I decided that this fall I need to set some goals for myself. There are some things I want to get done and I think writing them down and figuring out a plan of action on how to complete them is beneficial. I'm not a natural planner by any means. I have to work at it, really hard! I thought I'd share with all of you lovely readers what is on my list:

prayer life - I am going to make a point to set aside 5 minutes a day for uninterrupted prayer. I know it doesn't sound like much, I'm kind of even embarrassed to post '5 minutes' as a goal but I get distracted so easily. I have a prayer list and I want to go through it more and pray specifically for people intentionally and fervently.

Bible memorization - last fall several women in our Bible study took the big task of memorizing the book of James. If someone told me I would memorize a whole book of the Bible I probably would of thought "yeah, that would be great, but I'm not disciplined enough". Well you know what? I did it! I memorized a chapter a month. I want to get back into that. I don't know if I will memorize a book or a few chapters but I know I need to memorize something from the Word. I want to have these passages picked out and ready by Thursday, October 3rd so I can take them when I travel to Albuquerque.

TESOL certification - I purchased an on-line class to get a certification to teach English as a second language. Let's just say I have put that class off for ahem...months now. It is due in February but I want it done by the beginning of December before Christmas rolls around.

Etsy Shop - I'm wanting going to open an Etsy shop! I made cute burlap bags and clutches and I'm in the process of setting up shop. wahoo! I need to take pictures and finish setting up and I'll be ready to go. My goal is to have photographs uploaded and ready so I can open shop when I return from Albuquerque next week! 

blog - I want to do some organization with this little 'ole blog I have. I have some things lined up for October so here is a little preview

  • share about Dave and I's trip to Palo Duro Canyon in Texas
  • recipes - I am going to share 4 total - two healthy recipes and two unhealthy ones. They are some new recent finds I discovered and are so tasty. I'll also be sharing a vegetarian option for those who prefer no meat. 
  • things I've learned from the Bible - oh man! I don't know why but I have a hard time posting about what God teaches me during my quiet time. It's not that I'm ashamed I just have a hard time sharing all that BUT I think it's good to share what God is teaching me. 
  • Albuquerque Balloon Festival - Dave, my parents and I are headed to Albuquerque this Thursday! We are going to see some amazing friends, eat a massive amount of Hatch green chilis and go to the Balloon Fiesta
  • Never Have I Ever - a link up on 10/10 hosted by one of my favorite blogs 'The Ladie Okie
  • How to run a half marathon without training - yes, it's true. I am running a half marathon in two weeks and my longest run has been 5 miles. I have managed to do cross-fit and hike a half marathon with Dave. Wish me luck.
  • cows - that's right. I went around town today in Woodward and took some pictures of the cows...mooooo! I'll be sharing about those weird big animals too. 
  • Missionary profiles - It will be a new series about missions so stick around! 
  • Why the blog and the history behind 'Sunshine to the Square Inch' 

If you stuck around this long ... Thanks! What are your fall goals? Do you have any suggestion for blog posts? Want to memorize some Bible verses with me?


  1. All of these sound awesome! I'm glad you're going to link up with me :) Looking forward to what you're going to post in October! On a side note, I've been working on Bible memorization in my current Bible study. So far I have 4 down (one per week). It's been so fun, and I hope I can keep it up when the study is over!

  2. love your fall goals! I have a hard time sharing what God is teaching me online as well......which I attribute to the fact that a lot of people that I know personally read my blog and I have a hard time being putting myself out there and being vulnerable with them. it's easier to talk to a room full of strangers than friends, right?