What I would do with 3 'free' months

Welcome to day two of blogtember : 'if you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?' This was a no brainer for me.

First off, Dave would be with me, because we are best friends and I wouldn't go without him. We would start out by hopping on an airplane to Brazil. I have an adopted Aunt and Uncle that live in Bahia, Brazil. I'd visit them, take them supplies and help in their work. There is also another missionary family in Brazil who maintain the airplanes that go into the jungles. I'd visit them too.
I'd then hop on a plane to India. After meeting Indians in Korea, hearing about their culture, eating their food and learning about what God is doing there I've had an itch to go. 
Then, I'd fly right on over to Korea and visit my cute kindys. I'd hug them and give them loads of candy and them some more candy. I don't teach them anymore, so I could load them with sugar and then head out. I'd also visit my Korean chingus as well as some sweet Koreans I met during my year there. 
Hopefully the jet lag wouldn't be bad because after flying all over I'd fly on over to Israel and visit all the places that Jesus went to. I'd like to visit Golgotha followed by the empty tomb. 
Then, I'd visit my nephews because they are cute and I love them. I'd spend one week with each of them. 
Those three months would be full. I'd probably have to take a fourth month just to recover. What would you do with three months? Would you travel the world? Would you stay at home for some R&R? 

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