Happy National Coffee Day

In honor of national coffee day here are some pictures of the most prettiest coffees I have purchased. 99% of these I bought in Korea. They make the prettiest designs on coffee I have ever seen. 

This is called a 'cafe vienna'. It is made with heavy whipping cream and is topped with whipped cream. 

Here is the 1% of the pretty coffee from the US. I got this delicousness in Idaho. 
Now, for those that have never heard of an affogoto, you have me to thank. What is it? It's simple. A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, a shot of vanilla espresso poured over it, some chocolate drizzle and almonds.  Do not! I repeat DO NOT eat these if you need to sleep. Alisha and I made the mistake of getting one of these on school nights when we had to teach the next day and boy did we our kids suffer. 
 Happy National Coffee Day! Hope you had a good cup of jo.


  1. Man, I miss Korea!!

    Thanks for sealing the deal for me. I was debating going to Starbucks tonight to study/work on my James lesson and I thought, 'No, I'll stay home and save money.' Pshhhh, it's National Coffee Day!

  2. That affogoto looks amazing!! Beautiful coffees!

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