Friday's Letters . 6

Friday’s Letters

Dear Blog and Blogtember, sorry you got so neglected this week. A major cold and respiratory infection overtook my life and didn’t allow energy for blogging. Dear Work Spouse, your wedding turned out beautiful and you were a gorgeous bride. Welcome to marriage, a life blessing from God. 
Dear Dave, you were the most handsome wedding date ever. Thanks for wearing a suit (your least favorite clothing to wear) for me two times this past weekend. I love hearing you share God’s Word and am thankful for His work in your life. 
Dear American Children, I enjoy working with you at church and I already love you but holy cow you are so different than Asian kids! If you were in Asia you would have some major time out with Justin like this….
Dear Thunderstorm, seeing you roll in was be-a-u-tiful! I’m amazed at the things God creates and allows us to see. 
Dear Isaac, I’ll write more about you on my life update next week but you already wiggled your way into my heart and are like another nephew to me. You cracked me up this week when you got a kick from staring at yourself in the mirror. Dear Weekend, yippee! Hooray! Holler! I’m so looking forward to you. Dave and I will be in Wichita seeing family, my sister and nephew.


  1. That picture of the storm rolling in is stunning! God's creation is amazing! That little guy looking in the mirror is too cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend with family!

  2. new to your blog-- love it! I'll be back!