Comfortable - the most dangerous place you can be

Blogtember day what? Yeah, I missed a bunch of days due to being sick but today I’m posting two blog posts.. Today’s blog prompt is to react to the word ‘comfort’. My brain immediately had zillions (okay not that many) but a lot of thoughts about this.

First thing that came to my mind is the quote by Neale Walsch that says ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. Honestly, when speaking about life I don’t think comfortable is a term we should ever get used to. If you are comfortable in life, that should be a big red waving ‘danger flag’ and you should become uncomfortable.
Let’s give some real life examples. Climbing a 13,000 foot mountain isn’t exactly what I call comfortable but the view at the top is worth it.  Packing my bags for Korea and saying bye to Dave, my family and knowing I wouldn’t get to meet my newborn nephews is not what I describe comfortable but my year in Korea was beyond worth it. Dating long distance and getting married after several major life changes wasn’t comfortable but you better believe being married to Dave is worth it. I guess what I am saying is that we need to get uncomfortable to grow. God has bigger plans for us than our comfort zones.

More than that though I started thinking about Jesus. What if he would have stayed comfortable? He would of stayed up in heaven where He had every right to remain. Where would I be if Jesus would have stayed comfortable? I’d be a lost mess. You know what though? He got uncomfortable. I don’t think leaving heaven and being born in a manger was comfortable but he did it. Living with brothers who didn’t believe He was the Son of God was probably super uncomfortable but Jesus did it anyways. Telling the Pharisees, the religious people of the day, that their religion was sending them straight to hell had to be uncomfortable. The Bible tells us that Jesus had no permanent place to call home on this earth,  again - uncomfortable! Last but not least Jesus was beaten beyond recognition and hung on a cross. Uncomfortable is such an undeserving term to describe what He went through but he did it because he saw beyond discomfort. He saw you, He saw me and He became uncomfortable for us. He saw our lost souls and saw redemption. Was it worth it? I think resurrection morning screams a thousand times over YES! My heart is thankful! Thankful! Thankful! Thankful, that Jesus became uncomfortable for me! I hope we are willing to do the same for Him, no matter what the cost.


  1. This is great. I never really looked at it this way, but it does make alot of sense!

  2. Yes. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing, Beka!

  3. You are welcome! I know God will help you on your journey! He always does.

  4. i love this!! and it's so true! Jesus does not call us to a life of comfort, He calls us to a life of sacrifice and selflessness! which is most of the times uncomfortable!
    thank you for this reminder!!

  5. You're welcome! I have a feeling this is going to be a life-long lesson for me =0