The Water Proof Bible

Say what??? Water proof and any book, let alone Bible, just don't sound right together, until now that is. A coupe of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me what version of the Bible I prefer. I thought she was going to send me a framed Bible verse or something crafty (which I would have loved too) but when I got a box in the mail, and opened it I found this...

A water proof Bible - great for travels

Our friends purchased us this Bible to take along on our traveling adventures. It will be perfect for trips, because although I love my leather Bible that has all my favorite verses underlined, I don't like getting it dirty or near water. Plus I think it's super important to read your Bible while traveling. 

This Bible is printed on 100% plastic. It is water proof and tear resistant. If it gets wet you can dry it off with a towel or by standing it up on it's spine with the pages up. If the pages get wet and stick together, just wait for them to dry and they will go back to normal. Also, after living in Korea and seeing lots of beautiful lotus flowers having one on our Bible seems so fitting and Dave's favorite color is green so it's just perfect, right? ;) 

Dave and I took the Bible to the pool the other day to test it out. Dave said he felt kind of felt blasphemous for throwing water all over a Bible but we wanted to test it out. It worked like a charm and our Bible dried out and is like new. Dave also says this Bible currently goes great with my 'trophy wife' status of lounging by the pool, not working and reading. Which, will soon come to an end as I will start working part time next month. 

Would you consider a waterproof Bible? What do you do on vacation to stay in The Word? 

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