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Another fun thing I recently participated in was the Snail Mail Collective hosted by Chelsea, blogger of Lost in Travels and Melyssa, blogger of The Nectar Collective.

The Snail Mail Collective is a great way to get to know people from around the world and it is free. You simply sign up at Lost in Travels or at The Nectar Collective and they will pair you with another person. You get to know them via e-mails, blogging, etc. over a couple of weeks and then you send them some snail mail. The cost per package should be no more than $5 dollars but it should be something creative and meaningful.  

This month, I was paired with Katrina who blogs over at Maple and Mud. I think what I love most about her story is that she met her husband in Honduras while working for the Peace Corps. You can read a quick recap of her adventures here. Katrina currently lives in the NE United States and sent me fun items from around that area.   
Snail Mail Items:
  • Flip flops - to represent the Eastern Shore
  • Hand written post card from Baltimore Inner Harbor
  • A framed picture of where she currently lives
  • A Ravens pom pom
  • A Baltimore magazine
Thanks Katrina for the wonderful snail mail package you sent me.

The theme for August Snail Mail is 'Under the Sea'. I think it sounds amazing and I already have some great ideas in mind of what to send my snail mail partner. What to sign up? Click here or here to sign up for free.

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  1. Yay - I'm so glad you like it! I am putting my post up in just a bit. Glad I was partnered with you - it was great "meeting" you!