Skydiving! 15,000 feet and falling...

I. went. skydiving.
I'll just say that a blog post, a video or pictures of skydiving can't do it justice. It's just something you gotta do!!!  Let me give you a little history of how this adventure came about....

While I lived in Korea Dave and I sent journals back and forth to each other. I'm really great at ruining figuring out birthday surprises (or any surprise) and in one of the journals, Dave wrote that next year my birthday will be really fun. Well ... being the clever gal I am 'will be' means an event not a tangible gift. We had also told each other skydiving was on our bucket list too and I just knew! Dave wasn't so thrilled I figured that out so quickly but that's ok.

About a month or so before my birthday I told Dave I wanted to see my brother and sister for my birthday. So being the nice husband he is, he told me to pick either Idaho where my sister lives or Washington state where my brother lives. We ended up picking Idaho but my brother and his family drove over too. Holly also hopped on a plane with us to Idaho and the siblings were reunited.

Dave, Holly, Luke and I all signed up for the big jump.
After a quick run down on the proper way to jump out of a plane they loaded us up two by two into this old airplane.  I'm naming this plane old faithful ... it was from the 1950's
Flying up to 15,000 feet raked my nerves more than anything. Don't I look nervous here? Also, they clip on a seat belt to your shoulder and then when you are way up high (I mean way way high) they open the air plane door. scary! I'll be honest, I almost cried. That is how scared I was but I couldn't stand the thought of Dave looking over at me seeing tears coming down my face... so I held it back. 
But then after being scared, I jumped and I'm so glad I did. The free fall makes you feel like one free bird. You're up in the sky, just screaming your heart out, looking at the world around you and dropping real fast. It's surreal! I think heaven is going to feel something like this. 
After you jump, they ask you how it was. I gave a big thumbs up! 
I also told him I was 'free fallin'. I should have sang the song...
Here are Dave and I post jumping. I love Dave's 'adrenaline rush' facial expression.  
Also, if you aren't convinced to take the jump yet, skydiving gives you that perfect messy but gorgeous hair look ... just sayin' =)

And for all who want, here is the handy dandy video. There are a few spots where it is shaky but the rest is really good. 


  1. Ahhh this is awesome! I totally want to go! :)

  2. How fun! I've always wanted to do this. It's on our bucket list too. Oh, and by the looks of that plane, I don't know if it would have been worse to ride in it or jump out!

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