Friday's Letters . 4

Dear New Camera, I like you a lot. However learning you is like learning a foreign language. no entiendo. I've read a portion of the manual but I still don't quiet understand all the photography lingo. Anyone have any good tutorials they'd like to recommend?
Dear Static and Milo, Thanks for letting me take lots of pictures of you with my new camera this week. You were quiet entertaining. 

Dear Static, you love swimming with your whole little dog heart but when it comes to taking a bath, well, you shake and act like death is knocking on your door. 

Dear Work Spouse, Helping plan and host your bachelorette party turned out grand. I'm looking forward to seeing you as a bride and look forward to having another married friend.

Dear BFF, I know you love attention and all but getting viral meningitis just isn't the way to go about that. I'm glad you are ok and that it wasn't too serious. Dear Labor Day Weekend, Yay for holidays. Dave and I will be heading to the Great Sand Dunes as well as Taos, NM to hike Mt. Wheeler. We will also be camping and taking Static with us. Dear Dave, telling me in a casual voice that we will just be hiking 14 miles in one day makes me laugh and it makes my legs scared at the same time... ha! I hope Static and I can keep up with you.

What are your plans for Labor Day?



  1. aw your pets are so cute! and that's exactly how I felt when I got my canon DSLR too, so much to learn!!

    A Golden State of Mind

  2. The best photog website I've found is clickitupanotch.com. Seriously, so much good stuff!

  3. Yay good for you lady. :) I'm glad you got a new camera! If you ever have any questions...send me a message!

  4. I can never under the things about camera. Like how with my old camera I could make a pic inside other pic. My cannon that I have doesnt like me do that using the zoom or whatever.

  5. For camera tutorials go to kevinandamanda.com. She breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand. Good luck!