My Birthday Through the Years

My birthday weekend is here, #28 to be exact. While I'm up in Idaho this weekend I thought a little trip down birthday memory lane would be fitting... 

Here is me and my Mom at my 'zero' birthday. They assumed I would be a boy, but I was a girl, and I had no name for several days and wore blue. hmmmmm....

My first memory at birthday #2 ... sticking my fingers in my candles to see what it would feel like. Bad idea.

#3! Pretty sure you can tell at age 3 my obsession with birthdays...

#4 - not sure what I was doing there...

right before I opened gifts ... I'm not sure what age I am here...5?

6 or 7? A birthday in Brazil. I got lots of elephants and don't be jealous of my birthday outfit!  

Not sure where all the 'pre-teen' birthday pictures are, but hey, those are the 'awkward' years anyways. Skipping to the 20's...

Birthday #24 - Family, friends and a trip to KC with Holly and my Mom.

#25 - flip flop cake made by Holly

#26 - Pensacola Beach with Steph and Ed

#26 - Yes, I celebrated twice, I had to make up for everyone who couldn't be in Florida. This one is in KS - dinner with friends and creme brûlée

#27 - Never thought I would say this ... but ... #27 was my favorite birthday so far. A favorite because of living abroad, being around awesome friends and yes ... my kids at school made my birthday great! 

Half marathon with my Korean Chingus

 Flowers from Dave

 This awesome slide I got to go on for free. The owners tried to get me to pay but I had no money on me. I really wanted to go on that adult size slip and slide so I sang happy birthday to myself in Korean hoping they would understand it was my birthday. I'm not sure they loved my singing but they let me go on the slide =)

Dinner with friends at a local Indian restaurant in Korea. 

 Melted my heart!

This year should be great too and here is why:
  1. It's my first birthday being married! 
  2. Dave and I are headed to Idaho for a sibling reunion. 
  3. My two little nephews will be there too! Yipee!!! 
  4. We are also going skydiving (aka Beka might pee her pants event...). 
  5. We will be back in Kansas for my birthday 'day' and I'm going to spend the day with Dave, family and friends.  

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