Lately #10

I'm so thankful for Dave, so thankful that words can't express it completely. Last weekend we went for a sporadic shopping trip and had such a fun time.  I told Dave that I had looked in my closet and realized that many of my hangup clothes were ... 'nice t-shirts' and that I needed some dressier shirts. Being the nice husband he is, took me to stores and picked out pretty tops for me. 

I needed a Korean fix this weekend. There is a local Korean restaurant in the grand old city of Wichita, Kansas. I had bibimbap and kimchi.

This is Milo and his face of disgust as he looks upon Dave's sweet and friendly dog who only wants to cuddle. Anyone have any ideas on how to integrate these two? 

Check out this picture of my Mom and Dad from their wedding day. Isn't it precious? They have been married for 30+ years and I'm so thankful for their commitment to marriage. My Mom gave me family photos to go organize. I absolutely love it! It's a nice little trip down memory lane. I love seeing pictures of me and my siblings when we were little hooligans. Some of my pictures are oh. so. embarrassing!

What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear from you. 
What have you been up to lately? 


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  2. Oh my gosh Milo and my cat Cliff look so much alike. They even have the same "face of disgust" when the dog is around haha! Found your blog from postcards from Rachel.

  3. cute love the kittys!! i have never had korean food. maybe this should change.