Glass Mountains

 This past weekend Dave and I took a trip to Enid to visit an old couple who I view as grandparents. We also managed to eat a chik-fil-et while in Enid too. You can never go wrong with chik-fil-et. On the way home we stopped to hike the Gloss Mountains. They have stones on them and when the sun shines just right it looks like shiny glass all over. Their is a stair way system up to the top of the mountain and marked trails at the top. They advise you to stay on the trails and out of the tall grass due to rattlesnakes (eek!) It's a short 1.2 mile roundtrip, lots of stairs but very doable.
Dave always snaps a picture right at the edge of cliffs ... sometimes it makes me anxious but I stay calm because I know it is something he loves. The edge of the mountains were gated off but that didn't stop Dave...
Another part of hiking I enjoy is the scenery and wild life around. I was surprised to see this beautiful sunflower at the top of the mountain
And this little lizard greeted us at the beginning of our trail. He had red markings around his neck which I thought were really pretty. When Dave first started taking me hiking I would scream and jump at the sight of a lizard (or any movement around me) but I'd like to think I'm getting more used to them and other wildlife creatures, except spiders and snakes. I'll never get used to them. 

Today is July 1st! My favorite month ... peak of summer and my birthday! Birthday plans are still in the making but I'm looking forward to it. 

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