Friday Letters . 1

Dear Friday Letters  -  this is my first shot at writing you. It sounds like fun and I just might swap you out every other week for my 'lately' posts.

Dear Birthday -  I have to agree with what the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz told Dorothy: "you come and go so quickly". Birthdays should last a long time!

Dear Dave - Your kindness over my birthday blew me away. You showered me with love all day and I'm so grateful. Although I figured out my birthday gift a year ago, jumping out of an airplane from 15,000 feet is one of the best and most fun gifts I received!
Dear Work Spouse - I absolutely loved the mini (or didi as you call them) green espresso coffee cups you gave me as well as the homemade chocolate chip cookies. I swear the coffee tasted better drinking out of those cute cups and the cookies were amazing! Work spouse, you should know I'm registered to run a 1/2 marathon with you on October 13!
Dear Self - Drinking espresso with your husband at 11pm at night because of cute irresistible coffee cups is a bad bad idea.
Dear Korean neighbor - I'm glad I didn't offend you by immediately asking 'where are you from? just because you looked Asian and I'm extra glad I didn't scare you away by how excited I got when you told me you were Korean. I always hoped to meet a Korean and I was BEYOND excited when you told me you were from Korea. I also loved that the next day you brought me a bowl of freshly made sticky rice, tofu and some kimchi. Thanks for making my day.

Dear Siblings and world's cutest nephews - I think a sibling reunion should be a yearly event. I love you all more than I can say and spending time together with you over my birthday weekend is a cherished memory. I'm so glad Christmas is only 5 months away so we can be together again.
Dear Distance - I really dislike you. Heaven will be wonderful when distance no longer exists and I can't wait! 

Dear God - My consistency in devotions has slacked but I'm so grateful that when I sit back down, open my Bible and ask you to teach me truth you always show up. I praise you for your faithfulness!

Dear Readers - Thanks for reading along with me =)

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