Beach Wedding - Part 3, The Reception

I’m thankful for my friends in Pensacola who recommend Hemingway’s Island Grill for a reception. Hemmingway's did a fabulous job. They decorated the tables, let me tweak the set menu and had fabulous service. Another big perk they offered me was to allow me to bring in my own dessert, with no fees. I’ve worked in the service industry so I knew the deal was great. Most companies charge you to bring in any extra food of your but not Hemingways. 
Having a big cake and feeding each other never appealed to me. So, instead of cake I picked crème brulee and cookies. My brother-in-law and sister-in-laws like crème brûlée too so I asked them to make it for the reception. I got them all the ingredients and they made me some of the best crème brûlée I’ve ever tasted. 
Let’s not forget the cookies!!! I made two big batches earlier in the week, froze them and then Kirsten was nice enough to bake them up the day of. Not gonna lie, I worried that Kirsten and Shenel would devour a good portion of them before the wedding. Those girls can't be trusted with dessert. They did good though and left some for the reception.
 Also, my brother and I have this gross tradition that we started randomly at thanksgiving. You take one small bite of everything, chew it up and show it off to each other. The first person to show off their chewed up nasty food wins! So, without exception we did this with the cookies too. Just the cookies though, not all the other food this time. 
The reception and getting to visit with everyone was a favorite part of our wedding day.
Can you tell who was done with weddings by this time??? Poor Dave. He didn't stay like this for long and still had a great time. 
After we stuffed our faces and visited we went outside and lit sparklers. I especially love that my sister Holly looks as though she is on the verge of torching Dave’s head in the pictures. 
Well, that is it folks! The day went perfect, just as I imagined. I couldn’t have done it without all of the help from friends and family. I've said it once and I'll say it over and over THANKS for helping Dave and I have a beautiful wedding.

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