Beach Wedding - Part 2

After Dave and I took lots of pictures, we headed to the beach where our family awaited us (we were late to our own wedding...). We walked down the aisle together to The Piano Guys version of Over the Rainbow / Simple Gifts. I think Dave and I have funny expressions in this picture. 

My Dad got to marry us twice. He spoke about Christ's work on the cross for us, the true meaning of what a Biblical marriage is, and he read us a poem reminding us that the small things add up to big things. 
I'm not sure what was so funny here but it makes for such a fun picture of Dave.
It’s always nice when a John Deere ATV comes driving by too … classy dude…real classy! 
After Mr. John Deere left, our families gathered around us. Cherrel and Alisha led us in singing the hymn How Great Thou Art. I couldn’t have picked two better people to sing for our wedding. Alisha, Cherrel and I sang and led worship together in Korea. Having them sing at our wedding was a treasure. 
Dave and I said our vows that we wrote and exchanged our rings. Has anyone else felt awkward saying vows out loud infront of people or is it just me? 
Followed by our vows and ring my brother and our good friend Jeremy prayed over our marriage. 
And then walaaa we were married, for the second time! 
 I loved the small beach wedding. I felt relaxed and comfortable surrounded by our family and close friends. I can’t think of a better way to say our vows and dedicate our marriage to God. We then took a lot of family pictures (which I loved). 

The entire wedding party.
This is the first family picture since the babies and Dave were added to our family. I love love love this picture! 
 Dave's family - who have been so welcoming and kind
All my wonderful sisters. 
Our supportive and fun friends
We took a few more pictures after the ceremony. Here a few of my favorites

So there you have our ceremony. Blogging a wedding is a lot of work =) However, I thought it would be good for family and friends to see and read about it. I have one more post about our reception and then I'll be all done with the day of wedding events. Thanks for reading and following along. Again, I can't say thanks enough to our family and friends who have supported us over the years. 


  1. This makes me so happy :) Love it.

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  3. Haha, Alisha looks like she's listening so intently in one of those pics! Also, I have always said that weddings seem awkward for the couple! Standing up in front of everyone, having an intimate moment but having hundreds of people staring on...so strange!

  4. Love the pictures! And, yes, saying my vows in front of people was awkward. :-P

  5. Wow! Pensacola beach wedding, it is very nice beach. The photo are awesome Alisha, i love that shot very like it complete family photo. I dream same wedding for maybe somewhere in Hawaii. Beach wedding in Hawaii also a good place for the getting wedding ceremony.

  6. Thanks, Kiara! A wedding in Hawaii would be so pretty.

  7. oooh, i love, love this! i'd want to have a small outdoor garden wedding someday, and this encourages me that i'm not crazy for not wanting a typical big church wedding. the ocean and sand added a beautiful, serene touch to your day! you looked gorgeous! :)

  8. Gen! I say if you don't want a church wedding you don't have to! The important thing is saying your vows and having God unite you in marriage. I hope you have a perfect wedding.

    Thanks for the sweet comments and thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings!

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