Lately #8

My cat has thoroughly enjoyed all the boxes from UPS. If he hears me open a box that has tape on it, he comes running until he can chomp on a piece of it. Tape is one of his favorite treats - weird cat! 
Lately I've tried to get back into running. I'm thankful that Dave helps me get out to run even if it is the last most miserable thing I want to do. I'm also thankful for my work spouse Kirsten who tells me what a great job I did even if it was just 1-2 miles. I'm waiting for my runner's high to kick back in!
I found this at a store this week (no, I did not buy it). It is a 'butter portion control server" ...America, we have some serious health issues! I think we need a good dose of veggies, portion control and maybe even some kimchi. ;)
Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet nephew Elliot. Life is so much sweeter with you in it. I love that you can eat for 1 1/2 hours and I love it when you crinkle your nose when you are laughing! There is just so much I love about you.
The flowers Dave bought me remain alive! Miraculous in my book. This is their second bloom and I think they look beautiful.
That's it folks! Honestly, my life lately could be classified as 'simple'. I'm trying to learn how to live in a small town and enjoy time alone as I don't know many people yet. It's a learning process.
What have you been up to lately? 

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