Trash The Dress : Pensacola Beach, Florida

One of my most favorite things about my beach wedding was the fact that a few days after my wedding I got to hop into the ocean and trash my dress. These pictures were fun, creative and I'm so glad I have them. 

While I was wedding planning I told Dave about this great option of 'trash the dress'. He didn't seem to thrilled and I knew we would have already taken hundres and hundres of pictures so I scrapped the idea. However, a couple of days after my wedding my awesome photographer Naomi, sent me a message saying how she would love to come take trash the dress photos. I mentioned it to Dave and he offered to come take pictures with me. He was such a trooper.  

We started out on the beach by hopping on this bike that our photograph, Naomi, managed to haul down. The bike was perfect because I love love love beach bikes and am determined to have one someday with a bell. ding ding! =) After a few shots on the beach we got into the water and that's when the fun really began.  Being in the ocean with a wedding dress was fun and a bit scary. The waves in Pensacola aren't that big but there is an under current that you have to be cautious about. If Dave weren't holding on to me I for sure would have been a float away bride. Do you like that new term? 'float away bride'? =)

I think the pictures turned out great and I have enjoyed looking at them over and over. 

Trash The Dress, Pensacola Beach, Kissing on Bike
Trash The Dress, Pensacola Beach Beach Florida,
Trash The Dress, Pensacola Beach Florida, Pensacola Beach, Florida
Trash The Dress, Pensacola Beach Florida, Pensacola Beach, Florida, In The Water, In the waves

Trash The Dress, Pensacola Beach Florida
Trash The Dress, In the Ocean

All in all it was a great experience. If you are considering 'trashing your dress' here are a few recommendations:
  • Purchase a wedding gown that is cost effective. I bought mine for around $350 and therefore didn't care too much if it got dirty. 
  • If you are going into the ocean that has currents I would highly recommend having some safety precautions. Take your husband with you. Those currents were pretty strong and maneuvering in a wedding dress can be tricky. 
  • Bring props: bikes, paint, glitter, silly string, bubbles, etc. It makes it more fun and if your husband can throw paint on you he will probably enjoy taking pictures all the more. 
  • Relax - by this time your wedding photos should be done with and the photo shoot is all for fun. 
Another little secret: my dress never did get 'trashed', it actually got cleaned! It was filthy dirty from walking around during my reception and the salt water cleaned it back to its shiny white. Dave's clothes are the ones who got more trashed than anything. He had sand all through his pants and the hems were basically sand bags but it all came out too and they are still wearable.

I'm curious. Would you trash your wedding dress? You aren't limited to an ocean. You could even go into a field and use paint. Don't want to trash your dress? Then find some old fancy clothes and trash those. Either way, it's just a fun shoot.


  1. these pictures turned out so great beka! i love them!

  2. Such a fun idea!!! I think I actually still have my wedding dress (somewhere...in some country??) and wouldn't THAT be fun...trash the dress pictures 8 years later :)

  3. love these so much! dave is such a good sport:)

  4. I LOVE these pictures! You look gorgeous - and it looks like you had so much fun. Congrats - wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  5. You guys look like you had a lot of fun taking these pictures! My husband and I have a tradition of taking pictures in our wedding clothes every year for our anniversary--one of these years I should be brave enough to try something a little more dangerous that wouldn't actually ruin the dress, either! :P

    1. I love your tradition! What great memories that will be for you and your husband. You could always buy a cute dress at a thrift store and trash that. It's so much fun to trash your clothes, and like I said ... it actually cleaned mine. =)

  6. LOVE it girl! And seriously, that one photo of you two lying on the beach. HOT! ;)


  7. So many beautiful pictures, girl! Love this idea :)

  8. Thanks! I highly highly recommend it! It was so fun.

  9. That sounds like such a fun idea!

  10. Thanks! It was a blast and I'd recommend it over and over.

  11. Katherine NewsomMarch 6, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    This sounds SO fun! Though, I wouldn't want to trash the dress I wore so I'd opt to find a fun outfit for an anniversary and do it that way. I would also opt to do so at the beach...Or maybe with that color powder the kind from a color run! so fun!!

  12. The color powder would be so fun! You could even just wear jeans and white t-shirts and I bet it would turn out great!

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