Good Gifts

This verse is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. When I was in Korea and praying about my relationship with Dave and what God had for us, I came across James 1:17. I have read that verse many times but this one time it was if God was saying "Dave is a good and perfect gift from Me". It settled my heart and gave me reassurance that God was leading Dave and I toward marriage.

Not too long after that, our Bible study in Korea studied James through the Beth Moore series, 'Mercy Triumphs'. It was great to read and study that verse again. Not long after that I received a card in Korea from my granny with that same verse in it. Coincidence??? I think not! I hadn't told her about this verse, or anyone really. It was God's way of making sure I remembered His good gift.

At our wedding ceremony Dave and I asked my brother, Luke, and our good friend, Jeremy, to pray over us asking for God to work and bless our marriage. Jeremy prayed and then Luke started praying and guess what verse he incorporated into his prayer??? You guessed it, James 1:17. My brother is one of my heros and closest friends and the fact that God brought that verse to his mind to pray over us was just a reminder of God's love and how He weaves gifts and blessings into our lives, more than we ever deserve.

More than any other gift, the best gift God sent was His Son. James 1:17 reminds me that God sent His Son, to live amongst sinners, to die on the cross for us, and to redeem us. There is no better gift than that!

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  1. Yay! I love this. :) And yes, it is one of my favorite verses too. It's so easy to go to God in the hard times because He is all we have, but this reminds us to thank Him in the times we are on the mountain top enjoying His blessings as well. Love you!