Wedding #1

March 24, 2013 ... a great spring day to have a wedding ... NOT. We woke up to around 7" of snow on the day of our wedding. So, instead of having a nice outdoor spring wedding in the gazebo we opted for an indoor wedding at Carol's house. I was thankful to have it there as it was very meaningful. The painting above the mantle was one that Carol got from one of her trips to Burma. I loved it because it represented Carol as well as my year abroad teaching Asian kids.  

Our wedding ceremony was simple. My Dad did shared a short sermon, we said our vows, exchanged rings and walaa ... we were married. My friend Melissa came and took pictures for us, she did a great job and here are a few snapshots. 

The ceremony - it is hard to see (top right picture) but when we went to exchange rings Dave gave me a huge big fake pink diamond, which was funny. On the bottom right we were waving to my siblings, their spouses and nephews who attended the wedding via Skype. 
Meet our ring bearer, Static or Callie. She has two names and is the family dog shared by Dave and his sister. She is a great dog and is so well behaved (99% of the time). It was great to have her be a part of the ceremony. 
Meet my new family! They have been very welcoming (they are well behaved 99% of the time too other than the occasional unicorns they give us ... it's a family joke). I'm thankful I married into such a good family and I'm thankful that after the long distance relationship Dave and I had they still welcomed me right in. 
My side of the family : my Dad, Mom, Sister Holly, granny and adopted sister Andrea. I'm so thankful each and every one of them were there. 
I'm not a big lover of snow but this picture on the left is probably my favorite. Cold doesn't describe how I felt in an open back dress but throwing snowballs at Dave was fun! 
His sister helped throw snowballs at him too. 

So there you have it peeps. That's the story of how I married my best friend, the first time. 


  1. If rain on your wedding day is good luck, then snow must be the jackpot! Looks like a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful memory. :) Belated congrats!

  2. Thanks, Megan! I NEVER would have wanted snow but it was pretty and a great day!