Lately #4

Lately, I admitted to enjoying living in a small town. It's a slower pace of life, I have more free time and people seem a bit friendlier in small towns.
Lately, I love my husbands thoughtfulness.  I had a dream that while I was sleeping Dave was journaling. When I asked Dave if it were a dream or for real ...  we both laughed, as he told me I was dreaming. However, this morning I did wake up to him writing a note for me in this cute journal I got in Korea. So thoughtful! 
Lately, I have been creating flowers for my wedding sash. David's bridal charged around $70 for a sash and I decided to tackle the project myself. It's been a lot of work but fun. 
Lately, I loved eating dinner and spending one-on-one time with my Mom. I haven't done that since before I left for Korea in February 2012!!! She took me to her work, where outside is a big momma goose who decided to lay her eggs in the planter. There is a pet store there as well and they have been taking good care of them.
Lately I loved taking these two precious girls out to Freddy's! I used to take them to church on Wednesday nights to attend Awana. I'm amazed to see the growth and maturity of these two, especially the little one on the right. I know it is God's working in there life and you can see that Christ is changing them from the inside out.
 Lately, I loved helping my husband plan a surprise birthday party for his sister. They always have a 'theme' and this year was to dress up as her childhood toys. I was 'Barbie' and Dave was a Beckyosaurus, aka another name for a Dinosaur ... it's a long story.
Lately, I have loved listening to a series on the book of Joshua by Pastor Bob Coy. God has used it to challenge and encourage my heart. It is so good to hear Gods' Word! I highly recommend listening to some of the sermons, if not the whole series. You can never get enough of God's Word into your heart and mind. If you click here it will take you directly to their page where you can just hit 'play'. 
What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear from you. I'd also be willing to pray for you so if you have a prayer request send me an e-mail. 

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