Wedding #1

March 24, 2013 ... a great spring day to have a wedding ... NOT. We woke up to around 7" of snow on the day of our wedding. So, instead of having a nice outdoor spring wedding in the gazebo we opted for an indoor wedding at Carol's house. I was thankful to have it there as it was very meaningful. The painting above the mantle was one that Carol got from one of her trips to Burma. I loved it because it represented Carol as well as my year abroad teaching Asian kids.  

Our wedding ceremony was simple. My Dad did shared a short sermon, we said our vows, exchanged rings and walaa ... we were married. My friend Melissa came and took pictures for us, she did a great job and here are a few snapshots. 

The ceremony - it is hard to see (top right picture) but when we went to exchange rings Dave gave me a huge big fake pink diamond, which was funny. On the bottom right we were waving to my siblings, their spouses and nephews who attended the wedding via Skype. 
Meet our ring bearer, Static or Callie. She has two names and is the family dog shared by Dave and his sister. She is a great dog and is so well behaved (99% of the time). It was great to have her be a part of the ceremony. 
Meet my new family! They have been very welcoming (they are well behaved 99% of the time too other than the occasional unicorns they give us ... it's a family joke). I'm thankful I married into such a good family and I'm thankful that after the long distance relationship Dave and I had they still welcomed me right in. 
My side of the family : my Dad, Mom, Sister Holly, granny and adopted sister Andrea. I'm so thankful each and every one of them were there. 
I'm not a big lover of snow but this picture on the left is probably my favorite. Cold doesn't describe how I felt in an open back dress but throwing snowballs at Dave was fun! 
His sister helped throw snowballs at him too. 

So there you have it peeps. That's the story of how I married my best friend, the first time. 


Two weddings later and now what?

So many people have asked me what my plans are now that I am married. Where will I work? What do I actually do in a small town? So, I thought I would write and let everyone know.

The first question: where will I work? The answer ... no where for now. I want my main focus to be on my marriage and on recovery. Marriage is a huge step in life and I want to devote this free time I have to spend with Dave and getting to know each other.  You might be wondering why the recovery time? As many of you know, my soon to be mother in law passed away while I was in Korea. I had 10 teaching days remaining with 12 days of leave left. When I booked my ticket to move home, attend the funeral and support Dave my school reacted in the a horrific way. They showed no sympathy, didn't pay me one dime of the roughly $3,000 they owed me, threatened to try and take my money in the bank and the worst part of all they called immigration on me requesting that I be held at the airport. Thankfully immigration denied their request but it It was awful. God was ever present. He helped me during the meetings with the school and miraculously got me home. 1 day later after arriving home were the services for Carol. God was ever present then too but it was hard. A few weeks after being home I hopped on a plane and spent a few weeks in the Pacific NW meeting my two nephews. I came back home, two days later married Dave, went to Puerto Rico and then moved to Oklahoma. Whoaaaa for lots of changes at once!!!!

 So many changes in so little time but I know it was all filtered through Gods hands. All the changes at once has not been easy for me. It has been a struggle to adjust but I'm slowly getting there. Living in a small town has proved to be a blessing and exactly what I need. I've tried to keep life really simple to allow for healing. I spend time with Dave, video chat with my sister, go on walks, cook, craft and blog. Another big blessing of going through these changes has made me be in the Word and prayer daily and often times all throughout the day. I have cherished my time with God as it really does sustain me through the adjustments and changes.

So what is next? My focus is to continue to live simply, to use the free time to pray and be in the Word, to enjoy my marriage and time with Dave and to finish up moving and getting us settled. I also plan on helping my friend and sister-in-law with their upcoming weddings. One is in August and one is in September and I'm looking forward to both.

So there is my life all summed up for you. I'm thankful to be exactly where God has me and I'm looking forward to what He has planned.


Lately #5

Lately I have been MIA in the blog world because of the following:

Lately my Mom and I traveled all the way from Kansas to Florida. We drove through OK, TX, AR, LA, MI, AL and then arrived I'm Pensacola. It's been so nice to have one-on-one time with her. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Louisiana visitor center - The Southern charm was well so ... charming and I thought the baby alligators were cute!
We drove through New Orleans. They have done a lot of cleanup from my visit two years ago. Dave and I might stop their on the way home so hopefully we will see more sights.
16+ hours later we arrived! 
Lately I tried to make reservations for the 360 Pensacola Observation Wheel for my wedding party and they told me they were closing down. Not gonna lie, I was so disappointed because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ferris wheels. However, I was so surprised to arrive to Pensacola Beach and see the great wheel operating. Me and my Mom went for a ride right away and it was great! I went with everyone who came to my wedding too and that was awesome!
Lately, I spent some great time on these beautiful white sandy beaches! I'm amazed at their beauty and that God spoke and they became. It sure does make you think about Him while sitting on the white sandy shores.

Lately, I got to marry my best friend twice =) It was the perfect beach wedding; everything I hoped and dreamed of. 

What have you been up to lately?


Lately #4

Lately, I admitted to enjoying living in a small town. It's a slower pace of life, I have more free time and people seem a bit friendlier in small towns.
Lately, I love my husbands thoughtfulness.  I had a dream that while I was sleeping Dave was journaling. When I asked Dave if it were a dream or for real ...  we both laughed, as he told me I was dreaming. However, this morning I did wake up to him writing a note for me in this cute journal I got in Korea. So thoughtful! 
Lately, I have been creating flowers for my wedding sash. David's bridal charged around $70 for a sash and I decided to tackle the project myself. It's been a lot of work but fun. 
Lately, I loved eating dinner and spending one-on-one time with my Mom. I haven't done that since before I left for Korea in February 2012!!! She took me to her work, where outside is a big momma goose who decided to lay her eggs in the planter. There is a pet store there as well and they have been taking good care of them.
Lately I loved taking these two precious girls out to Freddy's! I used to take them to church on Wednesday nights to attend Awana. I'm amazed to see the growth and maturity of these two, especially the little one on the right. I know it is God's working in there life and you can see that Christ is changing them from the inside out.
 Lately, I loved helping my husband plan a surprise birthday party for his sister. They always have a 'theme' and this year was to dress up as her childhood toys. I was 'Barbie' and Dave was a Beckyosaurus, aka another name for a Dinosaur ... it's a long story.
Lately, I have loved listening to a series on the book of Joshua by Pastor Bob Coy. God has used it to challenge and encourage my heart. It is so good to hear Gods' Word! I highly recommend listening to some of the sermons, if not the whole series. You can never get enough of God's Word into your heart and mind. If you click here it will take you directly to their page where you can just hit 'play'. 
What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear from you. I'd also be willing to pray for you so if you have a prayer request send me an e-mail.