The untold stories from South Korea

The truth is when I left for Korea I was excited BEYOND EXCITED to travel the world and see new sights! I had many things on my mind about moving abroad but I must admit one of the last things on my list was ... drum roll ... teaching! eek! I kind of forgot about it some days. I told Alisha several times "Alisha, we are going to Korea to teach and I keep forgetting because I am so excited about traveling!" Yes, I know, ridiculous of me! Off to Korea I went. I arrived, I had my 'training' and got thrown into a class. If you want to know what teaching is like after no training click here. I walked into my room, saw these little faces and shortly after fell in love... 
Teaching wasn't easy. In fact, it was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. However, shortly after being there and the more I grew to love the kids it was apparent that they knew little or nothing about Jesus and His love for them. I began to share as I could. I had to be careful about telling the kids about Christ because of possible conflicts with the school owners. My kindy kids were learning English for the first time. Teaching them about Jesus in a second language sounds impossible but I am here to tell you that God made that possible - I'm still amazed! I printed out Bible stories, had kid Bible books sent to me and taught the kids verses. I taught them about Jesus and told them time and time again that He loved them. Somehow it sank in. I had one kid tell me she accepted Christ and I want to do another blog post about that because it is just a precious story.

I also taught some of the older kids (7-8 years old) who were amazingly smart! They memorized verses and got to read the Bible books too. The kids in this class soaked up the stories of Jesus. I have never been around anyone who was so thirsty and inquisitive about God. Those kids amazed me with questions!
 Meet Chris  - he loves science, anime and lots of other school related things. He is smart! That kid and his friends had some hard questions about God for me! Here are a couple: 
1. After studying science and learning that everything is matter Chris asked me: 
"Teacher Beka, if everything is matter, is God matter too?" Good question! God immediately brought to mind John 4:24 which says "God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." I shared that with him and he was ok with that answer. 

2. After reading a book on creation the kids asked the following:
"Why were Adam and Eve naked in the Garden of Eden". Um ... really, you had to ask me that one question??? =) I basically told them before sin came into the world it didn't matter so much and they were ok with that answer. 

3. Another creation question:
"Teacher Beka - you always say that we should let girls go first. If that is true why did God create man first?" Hey, way to stump me kids! I gave another long explanation of how women came from men and that they should be cherished. 

As you can see God gave me an opportunity to share about Christ that I never imagined to be possible. My Mom purchased a Bible for all of the kids. Alisha, I and the kids were excited about this. I told them they would get one at the end of the year and Sophia, who is 4, asked me when she was going to get her "God Book". I love the name she gave for the Bible!

I want to take a moment and say thanks for every one who prayed during my time in Korea! I couldn't share all of this while I was there but I stand amazed at the work God did. He did answer prayers beyond all my expectations. Please continue to pray for the kids. Pray that they will read the Bibles that were given to them, that they will be saved and that God will send someone to hep them grow in their walk with Christ.


  1. I love this post! & I love your heart for God and for these children! & I love you! :)

  2. I am very glad that you have such a loving heart to the kids. Mia and Noah carries their "good books" to church with proud. In fact, Mia brought her bible that you gave her to school this week for Show and Tell. She appreciates you everytime she sees the bible.

    1. I'm so glad your kids love their Bibles and I LOVE that Mia brought that for show and tell! That is so precious!

  3. Oh, what precious babies!! I love these stories. Kids will blow your mind sometimes, right? I teach elementary school and began writing down some of the stuff they said!!

    1. They are very precious! I made a book, put a picture of each kid, and wrote down the funny stuff they said.