Lately #3

Lately I have loved going on mini-trips with Dave. We have hiked at several parks 
in Oklahoma and it has been fun to spend some good quality time together. 

Lately I loved celebrating my granny's 80th birthday! 
She is one of my best friends in life and I'm thankful God has given her 80 years. 

Lately I loved having one of my best friends come down to visit me in Oklahoma for a day.
 I appreciate her driving all the way down here even if she did get lost and detoured 
              herself by an hour.                                        
Lately I have invested some fun time into crafting. Thanks to YouTube I found

 this awesome tutorial on how to make this floral piece using paper towels. 

Lately I loved going to the sand dunes with Dave. 
It was beautiful and we had a great time

Lately, I loved that my husband surprised me by taking me to
get ice-cream at one of the cutest little ice-cream parlors in

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