Seattle Great Wheel

I absolutely love ferris wheels and when I heard Seattle recently installed one I was beyond ecstatic! It is located right behind Pike's Market on Pier 57. A ride on the wheel takes you 175ft. up, extends 40 feet over the pier and gives you beautiful views of Elliot Bay, the Space Needle and downtown Seattle. It's a must see attraction if you are visiting the area! 

Here are some interesting facts about the wheel:
  • It is the largest wheel on the west coast. 
  • It has 42 fully-enclosed and heated gondolas
  • Each gondola can seat up to 8 people (comfortably 6) totaling 300 on the Great Wheel at once. 
  • It cost $20 million to build the wheel and it took 550 tons of concrete for the foundation to hold its weight of 280,300 pounds.
  • The wheel can operate in any weather up to 55mph winds, which is great with the rainy weather! 
  • It costs $13 per adult. They do offer senior/child discount 

I highly recommend the visit! The Wheel was phenomenal and it adds a neat element to Seattle!

Seattle Great Wheel

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