Food differences

After moving to Korea and seeing what they did with food vs. what Americans do with food made me realize some things and I thought I would share! There are pros and cons to both countries which is why living abroad is so great! 

First off, Koreans are way way way healthier! Lots of fresh veggies, rice, kimchi and for dessert they have fruit. Second, portions are much smaller than the average American size and I think that should be the 'norm'. There plates are smaller than an average American plate and I am sure that helps. 

Limes and avocados were not so easy to access in Korea! I saw limes 1 time at the foreign mart. Also, avocados were around $3-$4 each! I'm EXTRA appreciative of them here! Dave and I went to a restaurant after coming home and they had a HUGE bowl of limes and I just kept gawking at them. =)

One greaat thing about America that I love is the easy, and often cheaper, access to foreign foods! In Boise, I ate at an Argentinian restaurant. They sell empanadas and subs. They also had some Brazilian foods, including the awesome Guarana pop. The meal was delicious and the service was great! You can check out their website here

Coffee! If you say coffee, I say anytime! Korea has a coffee shop at just about every corner and they take pride in their coffee! I came home and ordered a latte and someone commented on the 'heart design' it had. I was secretly in shock at the horrendous 'coffee heart' I received. Pictures tell all: 
Awesome design from the Korean coffee...

American heart coffee. sad. so sad.....

I think the biggest lesson I learned from living abroad was to be thankful for food. Thankful for the little things and thankful that I have food at all. I'm so grateful that God allows us to learn these little lessons in life and to enjoy it along the way!

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