Bling Bling Ring and a 1 am Wake up Call

Random fact - Did you know I'm hard to surprise? Dave absolutely loves that quality about me. Anyways back to the point, Dave and I started talking about rings May of 2012 after I told him about the nightmare I had of him proposing and busting out the most awful ring ever! I knew my ring had to have some pink in it so I googled pink diamond engagement rings and walaaaa!!! I found a beautiful ring on Pinterest with no link or info attached. So helpful of me =) I let Dave, my sister and a good friend from home know what I had in mind and Dave did all the rest. I have to give him lots of credit because it was no easy task for him to design a ring as I was in Korea.

With distance and everything that happened in our lives this past year it didn't allow for the official proposal {or two} that Dave had planned. I was even home ar Christmas and the jewler called the day after I left letting Dave know the ring was ready - horrible! However, I knew it was coming sooner or later and I patiently waited. I'm currently also in Idaho meeting my nephew and hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law which doesn't make a proposal easy either.

I thought I had figured out Dave's plan several times but then he never showed and I just felt ridiculous. Last week Dave told me he was going to hang out with friends and couldn't Skype with me on Thursday night but said he would talk to me early on Friday morning. He told me very sternly to go to bed early and not blog all night long :)! I was suspicious but told myself to not over think it so I wouldn't feel ridiculous again. I went to bed at midnight {early for me} and was peacefully asleep when all of the sudden the door opened. I saw Dave standing over my bed, my sister turned on the light and started taking pictures. Dave gave me the official proposal and a ring. I'd like to say I said yes but I got so shy I had zero words! Zero. However, I did put my hand out for Dave to put a ring on so that's the same thing in my book.

I'm thankful Dave planned it just the way he did. Not only did he surprise me but he got to meet my sister, brother-in-law and my cute nephew Zachary which meant a lot to me.
Zach likes my ring too! Nephews are so fun!!! <3
Here is the picture many of you have asked me for :) It's a diamond ring with pink sapphires around it. It's gorgeous and Dave did a perfect job designing it, making it all the more special. I'm one blessed, loved and thankful girl.


Foodie Penpal

You know what's better than a penpal? A foodie penpal! That's right! I was reading all kinds of blogs one night and stumbled across the awesome the lean green bean blog who hosts the foodie penpal. It is easy to sign up and there is no cost or hidden agenda behind it - only the love of sharing food!

Here is a quick run down of how it works:
  • First all you have to sign up. If you want to go right ahead and sign up now just click here! You won't regret it! =)
  • On the 5th of the month you are paired up with your foodie penapal 
  • Spend a max of $15. You can make some treats, send some local food, anything you think is fun and creative. Your box must also contain a handwritten note, recipe, etc. How fun! 
  • You must mail your box by the 15th of the month.
  • If you have a blog, post about it on the last day of the month.

When I first read about FoodiePenpal, I discovered that it was limited to those in the US or Canada however, I thought I would try anyways. I figured if it didn't work out that I could sign up again when I moved back to the States. Well, lucky for me someone from Denmark also signed up. We were paired up and started e-mailing each other. Since we weren't a part of the official foodie penpal USA side, we were able to do things on our own time table, which was kind of nice. I was able to gather some goodies from Korea. I bought some things and I also managed to acquire some food goodies at school too. I packaged up a soy milk box (like a juice box but soy milk), spicy cold noodle mix, rice cake treats, Korean citron tea, some sweet things too and off to Denmark they went. I was a bit nervous as Korean food can be a bit different if you aren't used to it but I got an e-mail from my foodie penapl saying she loved the snacks.

My foodie penpal travels for business so the swap took a bit longer but was well worth it as I received a package from her this week. She was in California and sent me some food from a coop. Here is what I received: all natural energy bars (cherry almond and original malt), smoked chili and lime chickpea beans, some tropical star tea, a nice hand written note and some info on the coop! So awesome!!!! I also feel like a made a new friend.

Another great thing about foodie penpal is that you sign up monthly. When you sign up you only have to commit for that one month. Also, each month you are paired with someone new. My foodie penpal is from Denmark and we have e-mailed about continuing to send each other some things. I also plan on signing up here States as well.

I'm so glad I stumbled across this program as it is really fun! I can't wait to send and receive more fun food across the nation and globe! I highly recommend it! If you are living internationally and can't find a foodie penpal send me an e-mail and maybe we can have a swap.

For more information just click below:

The Lean Green Bean

Seattle Great Wheel

I absolutely love ferris wheels and when I heard Seattle recently installed one I was beyond ecstatic! It is located right behind Pike's Market on Pier 57. A ride on the wheel takes you 175ft. up, extends 40 feet over the pier and gives you beautiful views of Elliot Bay, the Space Needle and downtown Seattle. It's a must see attraction if you are visiting the area! 

Here are some interesting facts about the wheel:
  • It is the largest wheel on the west coast. 
  • It has 42 fully-enclosed and heated gondolas
  • Each gondola can seat up to 8 people (comfortably 6) totaling 300 on the Great Wheel at once. 
  • It cost $20 million to build the wheel and it took 550 tons of concrete for the foundation to hold its weight of 280,300 pounds.
  • The wheel can operate in any weather up to 55mph winds, which is great with the rainy weather! 
  • It costs $13 per adult. They do offer senior/child discount 

I highly recommend the visit! The Wheel was phenomenal and it adds a neat element to Seattle!

Seattle Great Wheel


Food differences

After moving to Korea and seeing what they did with food vs. what Americans do with food made me realize some things and I thought I would share! There are pros and cons to both countries which is why living abroad is so great! 

First off, Koreans are way way way healthier! Lots of fresh veggies, rice, kimchi and for dessert they have fruit. Second, portions are much smaller than the average American size and I think that should be the 'norm'. There plates are smaller than an average American plate and I am sure that helps. 

Limes and avocados were not so easy to access in Korea! I saw limes 1 time at the foreign mart. Also, avocados were around $3-$4 each! I'm EXTRA appreciative of them here! Dave and I went to a restaurant after coming home and they had a HUGE bowl of limes and I just kept gawking at them. =)

One greaat thing about America that I love is the easy, and often cheaper, access to foreign foods! In Boise, I ate at an Argentinian restaurant. They sell empanadas and subs. They also had some Brazilian foods, including the awesome Guarana pop. The meal was delicious and the service was great! You can check out their website here

Coffee! If you say coffee, I say anytime! Korea has a coffee shop at just about every corner and they take pride in their coffee! I came home and ordered a latte and someone commented on the 'heart design' it had. I was secretly in shock at the horrendous 'coffee heart' I received. Pictures tell all: 
Awesome design from the Korean coffee...

American heart coffee. sad. so sad.....

I think the biggest lesson I learned from living abroad was to be thankful for food. Thankful for the little things and thankful that I have food at all. I'm so grateful that God allows us to learn these little lessons in life and to enjoy it along the way!