4 day visit home!

I took a quick visit home over Christmas. 4 days and a few hours to be exact!  

The flights from Korea to America went great! (NyQuil especially helped) I arrived in Dallas, got a shower and ate some breakfast (bacon). I then spent 5 quality hours at the airport due to snow. I'm so glad the airports have Starbucks! Dave picked me up at the airport and we visited his family and then mine. My parents knew I was coming home but not my sister and granny. They were COMPLETELY SURPRISED, which was great! 

Living abroad is great but I do miss some foods from home. While in Kansas I had: filet mignon wrapped in bacon (steak is a Christmas tradition with Dave's family and they saved me one), green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, mexican food (twice), bacon, sausage, more bacon, quiche, avacodoes, guacamole, chick-fil-A, and I even managed to buy limes and bring them back to Korea! It was a great food fix! I did notice that portions in America are HUGE and I couldn't eat all my meals. 

More importantly than food I got to spend time with family and friends. I didn't take any pictures with my family, I have no good excuse as to why either =(. I tried to spend the majority of my time with Dave, his Mom, my parents, and my sister. Words can't begin to describe how great it was to see everyone and I am so thankful I got to.

Here are few highlights from my trip:

Dave and I got to take pictures together! We had a good time and were thankful our friend was willing to capture these for us! 

 I got to meet Willow! Willow is one of my best friend's, Shenel's baby. I threw a baby shower for her but missed the birth by a few days! It was great to meet her. 
 Dave and I brought Jeremy, Shenel and their family some gifts. Hunter was especially excited about his aquarium lamp. He hugged it numerous times! 
I love that Hunter is attacking Trapper's head in this picture =)

Shenel, Willow & I
I had a great lunch and visit with my work spouse Kirsten! 
 I visited Alisha's Mom and doggy for a bit too! 
I surprised Ernie with a visit at the Y! It was awesome! 
 And last but certainly not least! I got to see my kitty and spoil him with mounds of treats! He looks thrilled right? 

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