Cat Café

I was going to write a blog post and tell about how we made kimchi with the kids but then I went to this amazing cat café and well ... the kimchi post will have to wait!

Alisha, a friend of ours, and I went to Busan to look at the Christmas lights. Alisha had mentioned that Busan had cat and dog cafes and she spotted one in Busan. To say we were beyond excited is a huge understatement!!! And no, you don’t eat the cat or dogs! It is a coffee shop where they have cats roaming around! You can pet all the cats, feed them and it is so awesome!!! Here are some many pictures!

So cute!!! 

I took a picture with this cute kitty...

and then it crawled on my lap....and took a nap!

Cat shelves for them to climb! They also had panels coming down from the ceiling for them to nap on. 

My favorite cat at the cafe! I named him Mr. Tiger! He was HUGE and so cute! 

King of the food bowl! 

This cat was guarding the coffee counter and was much nicer than it looks. 

But my favorite cat of all time is my cute Milo who is at home in Kansas! 

Christmas light tree in NampoDong. 

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