Lately I have eaten lots of jalapeños and green chili salsa! I bought a jar of jalapeños a couple of weeks ago and told Alisha “I think this one jar will last us until we leave Korea” … last weekend we bought a 3rd jar of jalapeños. It’s like candy!

Lately Alisha and I have been having some good times and laughs lately! I’m thankful for all the fun we have had and for all the things that we have experienced together.

Lately I (Alisha and I!) have been using coffee grounds and rice water for our faces! Yep, it’s true! You can exfoliate your skin with leftover coffee grounds and use the rice water as toner! It does wonders for the skin – you should try it!

  Lately I have watched the sunsets by the bay. There isn’t a way to describe the beauty of it. I also LOVE seeing all the fish jump and splash in the water. It’s the simple things!

Lately I have enjoyed the kids in my kindy classes more and more! No, that isn’t my way of saying it is now ‘easy’, but there is something those little cute kids have that has given me a new perspective on things. 

Lately I have loved being around my church family! Our worship times on Sunday, prayer meetings, small group Bible studies, and coffee outings are something God has used in my life to encourage and grow me. I never thought I would come to Korea and experience a church so wonderful.

Of course all of these ‘latelys’ are a gift from God himself! Psalm 103:2 says “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits!”  So, I praise God for his work in my life - The hard times and the good ones! 


  1. Adore this. It's so lovely to be able to read old posts and reminisce! <3 <3

  2. I know! I read through the 1+1 post too. (ps - I still want Delhi curry. I could have eaten it for breakfast this morning).

  3. I should go read that one too! haha...I could eat it for breakfast too! mmmm....Delhi!!