Half Marathon & 27th Birthday

My 27th birthday could not have gone better! One of my 'Korean Bucket List' items was to run either a full or half marathon. I ended up running the Yongduk Beach 1/2 Marathon the weekend of my birthday!  The scenery was great, the crowd support was awesome (old Korean grandmas) and the friends I traveled with made the whole experience amazing! I didn't train as much as I would have liked to but I enjoyed the training I did. It was beautiful! The weekend of the race, Alisha, Este, Elisti and Tyson and I all traveled together. Road trips in Korea are a blast!!! That road trip has been one of my best memories in Korea! Here are some photos: 

Rice fields I ran by during training! 

What does this have to do with running?! Well, after our race they had an adult size inflatable water slide at the beach! They tried to make me pay but I sang Happy Birthday to myself in Korean and they let me go =)!
One of my favorite pictures from Korea! 

We stopped at a lots flower garden on the way home! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!
 My birthday fell on a Monday....really! a Monday! I was kind of dreading going to school but I had told my kids for 1 month that Teacher Beka's birthday was coming up so they were ready! It ended up being a really fun day and spending it my kids was really special! After work we went to Delhi (an amazing Indian restaurant) for dinner and I got to see all my wonderful friends that I have met in Korea! God has blessed me with another year of life and I am so thankful that he brought me all the way to Korea to have my 27th birthday here! Here are a few more photos:

My day at school started with Ella giving me a present! I love presents but it was more exciting to see how excited she was about giving me a gift!
All the kindys 
I have always wanted a tiara for my birthday!!! Thank you Kids College! 
Dave got me flowers on my birthday! Very thoughtful! 
All my wonderful friends I have been blessed with! 

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