A field trip to pick ... strawberries

Today Kids College decided to take a field trip to pick strawberries. When I first heard about going to a field to pick strawberries I thought it was kind of odd. I mean, in America, I've never heard of a school going to pick strawberries. Plus, in Korea, I never know what to expect on field trips. However this field trip was by far my favorite field trip yet! Here is the recap:

Justin started my day off by covering his face with his hat because he wanted to be an angry bird =) He always wants to be an angry bird....

The bus ride took about 30+ minutes. The scenery was beautiful - mountains, oceans and screaming kids. That part wasn't so beautiful.. ;)

When we walked into the greenhouse we saw rows and rows of strawberries. They told us to go up and down the strawberry rows and pick as much as we wanted. Honestly, I don't care much for strawberries in the US but when I tasted one of these strawberries .... completely different! They were sweet, delicious and just amazing.   

We got to pick and eat UNLIMITED amounts of strawberries. By unlimited I mean I ate until my stomach hurt. It was grand. 
Strawberry heaven right here friends!
The kids loved this field trip! They were excited and by excited I mean so much so that even one of my kids peed their pants (oops)! I'm not sure why she didn't stop to say "Teacher, bathroom" but I guess she just forgot. 

Yummy!!! Ella for sure picked the most strawberries - she couldn't eat them all. 
The ride home was better than the ride back because, well, all the little excited kidos put themselves right to sleep. 
Justin is dreaming of being an angry bird. super angry.
I'm sure he is dreaming about being an angry bird! 
When we got back to the school they sent each of us home with another container of strawberries. So, we came home and made black bean burgers =) Nothing to do with strawberries but it was sooo good. I had never had black bean burgers and I was surprised at how good they were. 

Psalm 34:8 - Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him. 

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