You have big eyes

Asians are fascinated with our eyes. I think it is entertaining. The lady who cleans our school told Alisha and I that we have big eyes. She stares at them, will point to her own eyes and then will point to ours and will say "big eyes, pretty". We all laugh. 

Last night we went to the 'mall' here on Geoje Island. There are 8 floors. Alisha and I were waiting on the men's floor while Ethan was buying a hat and they had a women's jewelry section. I guess they are hinting to the guys. Anyways, Alisha and I LOVED the jewelry there! Shopping in this department store is different because the associates will greet you and then walk shoulder to shoulder with you while you shop. At first, I was annoyed, but now I just realize that is their culture and they are standing right next to you to help you shop! Well - the small little jewelry kiosk had 3 women working there. I think at one point all three were right next to Alisha and I. Pretty soon, they started touching their eyes and then pointing to mine and saying "big eyes, pretty". It seriously cracked me up!!! Alisha and I just laughed and laughed! However, those 3 ladies were so so so nice! I know language is a barrier but somehow the Korean's communicate through kindness. I ended up buying some made in Korean jewelry - no shock there...  Then the ladies gave Alisha and I both a free pair of earrings. For some reason, those 3 nice ladies made my day! I took a picture with them too =) 

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