Korea part 2

Well, I have been for here for almost a month now!  

This past week was definitely a different week for me. Last weekend I started to not feel so well. I literally stayed in bed until 5pm on Saturday. 

Sunday, we all went and tried out a new church. It is called Okpo Foreigners Church. Everyone there speaks English (which is really nice) and the people were above and beyond friendly! It is ran by foreigners so the church relies on everyone stepping up and helping out where needed. For now, we are planning on attending there and we are excited about being involved in a church! They also have a ladies Bible study on Thursday nights and I am looking forward to that! If you want to see their blog page check it out here: http://okpoforeignerschurch.blogspot.com/

School was definitely a challenge this week because I felt sick basically the whole week. I get 3 sick days here so I am saving them for when I am really really sick! I definitely prayed more this week and asked God to help me because being away from home (and my mom) when sick is just plain miserable. The Vice Principal and Director were very nice and understanding! They said it is normal for us foreigners to get sick and they offered to take me to a clinic. Thankfully I am feeling better so I didn't have to go! I am also thankful for Alisha and Ethan who are a great support system and were great encouragements this week!

School was better this week as well. I'm not going to lie - there are definitely some BIG challenges there but a lot of good too! Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed and think "Why am I teaching"? =) However, I knew the first few months would be the hardest so I am going to keep going! The kids are already learning some of things I have taught them so that is nice to see. Alisha and I have officially decided that we won't make it through this year without some serious prayer! I laughed because one of my prayers in coming over here was that I would depend more on the Lord, I just didn't know it would be through school. =)

Alisha and I also went for pizza and coffee on Thursday! It was nice to get out of our apartment for a while. We decided to just give in and each buy our own pizza, which worked out great because we had the left overs for dinner on Friday night. I also love our cozy coffee shop we go to! It is owned by a nice Korean lady and although we can't speak each other's language kindness has been our language! I just absolutely love her and her little coffee shop!

I also got to talk to some of my family this week as well as Kirsten and Shenel! After being sick (and emotional) this week hearing voices from home was super nice! 

This weekend we might go for some Korean BBQ (YUMMMM!!!) with fellow teachers from the area. Sunday we are going back to church, which I am really excited about! I'm also hoping to get a good walk or short hike in. I am doing my first race here April 7th, so I need to get training for that next week! 


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