Field trip over the river

I have decided that when living abroad some experiences can never be fully explained. Today was definitely one of them! 

Last Thursday we had a field trip planned for our kindys however it rained and we were unable to go. Today, as I was leaving for school I put on my nice (somewhat new) pink sparkly flats that Dave got me before I left for Korea. I thought "hey no biggie, they won't get dirty because I have to put on indoor shoes as soon as I get to school" ... WRONG! Shortly after arriving our VP informed us that we would be having a field trip today to take the kids to see the 'spring sprouts'. I immediately knew those shoes would be getting muddy ... Well we (by a miracle) got all our kids on the bus and off to the farm (or so I thought that is where we were going) so our kids could watch someone plant things. Well, that's not how it went down. The bus drove to a local area in town. There is a walking path, a stream and some things planted around the area. Well we got to an area and there were some big rocks in the water and they informed us the kids would be walking over these. I looked at Alisha and said "this is a BAD idea", so we just smiled and headed down. The rocks had big spaces in between them and the stream ran through the gaps. Please remember my kids are 5 and 6 years old =) 

The kids didn't get to walk over them once but twice =) Well, long story short, one my poor kindys slid and he ended up getting one whole leg in the water and mud! The water is COLD too! He looked up at me as soon as he fell and just had this horrified look! I felt really bad for him! However, he didn't shed a tear! I could tell by the look on his face that he was more upset that he got his pants dirty than he was about being cold or muddy! Then, The Principal and VP came over and just took his shoe off and made him stick his leg back in the COLD water so they could wash his leg, shoe and pant leg. Poor kid, he was such a trooper though!!=) 

 Great attitude right after falling in! Still busting out the Korean Victory sign =) I definitely picked him up and carried him after this. He is too cute not too...

 Here are the rest of my kindy's! They did pretty well for their first field trip! 

 Pretty flower along the way! The kids loved these! 

No, our kids didn't have to trek up this but I snapped a pic because I thought it was pretty! 

This is our Principal and Vice Principal. They are digging herbs out of the ground. They told us they only come in the spring time and they are good for you blood. Definitely a cultural difference but was still fun! 

Thankful for a God who makes the herbs, trees and everything else! 

Genesis 1:12 -
And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.  

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