I feel beyond blessed with all the love and support from family and friends. Before I left for Korea, my sister Holly along with two of my close friends, Kirsten and Andrea hosted a going away party for me. So many people came and I felt very loved! I see many of my friends often but to see most of them at the same time surrounding me with their love and support was phenomenal.

Secondly, my church laid hands on me and prayed over me. It was encouraging to know I was being sent out with lots of prayer! Many people told me they would be praying daily for me! With a new culture, new kids to teach and hopefully many opportunities to share about Christ I can't even begin to tell you how much I will need those prayers and how much I appreciate them!
Thirdly, people bought me all kinds of going away gifts. From journals, to cards, to toiletries, cash, more cards, shoes, etc - it blew me away!
Dave also got me one of the most thoughtful going away gifts. He cut out lots and lots and lots of hearts and wrote down all the dates we have ever been on. I read some of them and couldn't remember the dates but I'm glad he did :). Most importantly though Dave has given me the gift I prayer. He says he prays for me everyday too and even wrote out one of the prayers for me. I guess since he has dated me for a while he knows I need lots of prayer ;). (and gifts too) :) :)
My work also got me one of the coolest going away gifts ever! They got me Dr. Seuss's book "oh, the Places You'll go". Of course the book in and of itself is fun but my office mate Laura (hi Laura) drew extra pictures and added quotes throughout the book and then took it around the Hyatt to have everyone sign it. It was awesome! I brought it with me and hope to read it to my class sometime.
Lastly, my mom got me 3 cards. One for the plane ride over and then she dated the other two. One was for 2/27 - which I stayed up until midnight to open it! The other one is for 3/5 - maybe ill stay up until midnight too for that one.
I thought my posts would be getting shorter ... They will soon, I promise! However, if you are someone who has helped me get to where I am in Korea - THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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