Field trip over the river

I have decided that when living abroad some experiences can never be fully explained. Today was definitely one of them! 

Last Thursday we had a field trip planned for our kindys however it rained and we were unable to go. Today, as I was leaving for school I put on my nice (somewhat new) pink sparkly flats that Dave got me before I left for Korea. I thought "hey no biggie, they won't get dirty because I have to put on indoor shoes as soon as I get to school" ... WRONG! Shortly after arriving our VP informed us that we would be having a field trip today to take the kids to see the 'spring sprouts'. I immediately knew those shoes would be getting muddy ... Well we (by a miracle) got all our kids on the bus and off to the farm (or so I thought that is where we were going) so our kids could watch someone plant things. Well, that's not how it went down. The bus drove to a local area in town. There is a walking path, a stream and some things planted around the area. Well we got to an area and there were some big rocks in the water and they informed us the kids would be walking over these. I looked at Alisha and said "this is a BAD idea", so we just smiled and headed down. The rocks had big spaces in between them and the stream ran through the gaps. Please remember my kids are 5 and 6 years old =) 

The kids didn't get to walk over them once but twice =) Well, long story short, one my poor kindys slid and he ended up getting one whole leg in the water and mud! The water is COLD too! He looked up at me as soon as he fell and just had this horrified look! I felt really bad for him! However, he didn't shed a tear! I could tell by the look on his face that he was more upset that he got his pants dirty than he was about being cold or muddy! Then, The Principal and VP came over and just took his shoe off and made him stick his leg back in the COLD water so they could wash his leg, shoe and pant leg. Poor kid, he was such a trooper though!!=) 

 Great attitude right after falling in! Still busting out the Korean Victory sign =) I definitely picked him up and carried him after this. He is too cute not too...

 Here are the rest of my kindy's! They did pretty well for their first field trip! 

 Pretty flower along the way! The kids loved these! 

No, our kids didn't have to trek up this but I snapped a pic because I thought it was pretty! 

This is our Principal and Vice Principal. They are digging herbs out of the ground. They told us they only come in the spring time and they are good for you blood. Definitely a cultural difference but was still fun! 

Thankful for a God who makes the herbs, trees and everything else! 

Genesis 1:12 -
And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.  


Church and Warmer Weather

After several weeks of looking for a church Alisha and I have decided to attend Okpo Foreigners Church! I wrote about it some in my last blog but thought I would write about church today.  

The music, although simple, was fantastic! It was nice to sing some hymns and worship songs together with other believers. Such a blessing! The sermon was on waiting on the Lord! The main verse the speaker used was this: 

Isaiah 40:31 - But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  

I have heard that verse for many years growing up but it was an encouragement to hear a sermon on waiting on God. We as humans are so quick to do things on our time table but forget that we are here on God's time table! 

After church we had a business meeting. I normally leave for those during church but didn't today! OFC is unique for several reasons. we are hosted by a Korean church but are ran by English speaking people. People from various parts of the world attend here (South Africa, United States, Sweden, China, etc). Everything is ran by the members. Due to the church being so transient there is not a pastor so the men take different turns sharing from the Word. The business meeting was to state the current needs that the church has in order for it to continue running. It was a very informal meeting and people were quick to volunteer and fill in the gaps.  

After church we all went out to a Turkish restaurant. The food was good and it was such a blessing to sit around a table with fellow believers. I think that the friendships that are built because of the bond in Christ is one of the things in life that I just love! Those relationships are what make a place great and fill such a big part of life! I know even going there for two Sundays has had a big impact on me feeling more at home here in Korea.

In a few weeks they are starting a women's Bible study. We will be going through the book of Romans and Alisha and I are excited about attending that!  

The weather here is also getting nicer! PTL! Alisha and I recently discovered that the rooftop to our apartment has a couple of picnic tables on it and several little pots that people are gardening! We went up there when we got back from church and read for a bit. It was super nice to sit in the sunshine and over look the city! I even wore flip flops =) We didn't last too long up there because the sunshine made the Sunday afternoon nap onset much quicker so we had to come back and get some sleep! Here are a couple of pictures from the rooftop. 

Another quick update - Ethan gave me the wrong blog address! If you pulled up lostinasmallworld.blolgspot.com you will probably think my co-worker is CRAZY =) However, the correct address is http://www.lostinasmallword.blogspot.com/. He writes about lots of different things so if you want to check it out feel free =)

Hope you all have a great week! 

Sending lots of love from Korea!


Korea part 2

Well, I have been for here for almost a month now!  

This past week was definitely a different week for me. Last weekend I started to not feel so well. I literally stayed in bed until 5pm on Saturday. 

Sunday, we all went and tried out a new church. It is called Okpo Foreigners Church. Everyone there speaks English (which is really nice) and the people were above and beyond friendly! It is ran by foreigners so the church relies on everyone stepping up and helping out where needed. For now, we are planning on attending there and we are excited about being involved in a church! They also have a ladies Bible study on Thursday nights and I am looking forward to that! If you want to see their blog page check it out here: http://okpoforeignerschurch.blogspot.com/

School was definitely a challenge this week because I felt sick basically the whole week. I get 3 sick days here so I am saving them for when I am really really sick! I definitely prayed more this week and asked God to help me because being away from home (and my mom) when sick is just plain miserable. The Vice Principal and Director were very nice and understanding! They said it is normal for us foreigners to get sick and they offered to take me to a clinic. Thankfully I am feeling better so I didn't have to go! I am also thankful for Alisha and Ethan who are a great support system and were great encouragements this week!

School was better this week as well. I'm not going to lie - there are definitely some BIG challenges there but a lot of good too! Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed and think "Why am I teaching"? =) However, I knew the first few months would be the hardest so I am going to keep going! The kids are already learning some of things I have taught them so that is nice to see. Alisha and I have officially decided that we won't make it through this year without some serious prayer! I laughed because one of my prayers in coming over here was that I would depend more on the Lord, I just didn't know it would be through school. =)

Alisha and I also went for pizza and coffee on Thursday! It was nice to get out of our apartment for a while. We decided to just give in and each buy our own pizza, which worked out great because we had the left overs for dinner on Friday night. I also love our cozy coffee shop we go to! It is owned by a nice Korean lady and although we can't speak each other's language kindness has been our language! I just absolutely love her and her little coffee shop!

I also got to talk to some of my family this week as well as Kirsten and Shenel! After being sick (and emotional) this week hearing voices from home was super nice! 

This weekend we might go for some Korean BBQ (YUMMMM!!!) with fellow teachers from the area. Sunday we are going back to church, which I am really excited about! I'm also hoping to get a good walk or short hike in. I am doing my first race here April 7th, so I need to get training for that next week! 



You have big eyes

Asians are fascinated with our eyes. I think it is entertaining. The lady who cleans our school told Alisha and I that we have big eyes. She stares at them, will point to her own eyes and then will point to ours and will say "big eyes, pretty". We all laugh. 

Last night we went to the 'mall' here on Geoje Island. There are 8 floors. Alisha and I were waiting on the men's floor while Ethan was buying a hat and they had a women's jewelry section. I guess they are hinting to the guys. Anyways, Alisha and I LOVED the jewelry there! Shopping in this department store is different because the associates will greet you and then walk shoulder to shoulder with you while you shop. At first, I was annoyed, but now I just realize that is their culture and they are standing right next to you to help you shop! Well - the small little jewelry kiosk had 3 women working there. I think at one point all three were right next to Alisha and I. Pretty soon, they started touching their eyes and then pointing to mine and saying "big eyes, pretty". It seriously cracked me up!!! Alisha and I just laughed and laughed! However, those 3 ladies were so so so nice! I know language is a barrier but somehow the Korean's communicate through kindness. I ended up buying some made in Korean jewelry - no shock there...  Then the ladies gave Alisha and I both a free pair of earrings. For some reason, those 3 nice ladies made my day! I took a picture with them too =) 



I feel beyond blessed with all the love and support from family and friends. Before I left for Korea, my sister Holly along with two of my close friends, Kirsten and Andrea hosted a going away party for me. So many people came and I felt very loved! I see many of my friends often but to see most of them at the same time surrounding me with their love and support was phenomenal.

Secondly, my church laid hands on me and prayed over me. It was encouraging to know I was being sent out with lots of prayer! Many people told me they would be praying daily for me! With a new culture, new kids to teach and hopefully many opportunities to share about Christ I can't even begin to tell you how much I will need those prayers and how much I appreciate them!
Thirdly, people bought me all kinds of going away gifts. From journals, to cards, to toiletries, cash, more cards, shoes, etc - it blew me away!
Dave also got me one of the most thoughtful going away gifts. He cut out lots and lots and lots of hearts and wrote down all the dates we have ever been on. I read some of them and couldn't remember the dates but I'm glad he did :). Most importantly though Dave has given me the gift I prayer. He says he prays for me everyday too and even wrote out one of the prayers for me. I guess since he has dated me for a while he knows I need lots of prayer ;). (and gifts too) :) :)
My work also got me one of the coolest going away gifts ever! They got me Dr. Seuss's book "oh, the Places You'll go". Of course the book in and of itself is fun but my office mate Laura (hi Laura) drew extra pictures and added quotes throughout the book and then took it around the Hyatt to have everyone sign it. It was awesome! I brought it with me and hope to read it to my class sometime.
Lastly, my mom got me 3 cards. One for the plane ride over and then she dated the other two. One was for 2/27 - which I stayed up until midnight to open it! The other one is for 3/5 - maybe ill stay up until midnight too for that one.
I thought my posts would be getting shorter ... They will soon, I promise! However, if you are someone who has helped me get to where I am in Korea - THANK YOU!!!!!!!